“I’ll spend $500 on a bag, but I won’t spend $25 on a shirt!” – yours truly.

Now let me explain. I don’t go out and buy a new bag every month, I’m talking more like once a year. Let’s face it, I’m not a millionaire, I don’t have an exorbitant amount of money to go blowing on clothes and accessories whenever I feel like it. I’m 35yrs old, I’ve got bills and stuff to pay for….including our boys love of sneakers and basketball socks. Thank god for the Nike outlet.

So to start off with my first fashion post, you will not see me wearing clothes that will empty your wallet. I am a bargain hunter when it comes to my clothes. I rarely pay full price for anything. Most of my clothes are from Target, Forever 21 or H&M. If they’re from anywhere else, I got it on sale or with a gift card. Style does not have to bankrupt you. I like to stick to basics and add accessories and fun shoes. I don’t wear much color and it works for me. Make your own style.

Winter brings big comfy sweaters. I love em with leggings or skinnies. They’re my uniform for sure.

I’d been eyeing this Target sweater up for awhile and last night, I found it on clearance for $13. Bingo!

You can get it for an extra 20% off right now with code EXTRA20!

So tell me, what’s your winter uniform?

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