casual layers.

here’s a casual layered look i wore this weekend.  i was really loving the drapey tee under my sweater. also, i teased these booties on Instagram + you must buy them.  i’m totally obsessed + they’re under $50! click below to buy any of the items you see in this look xoxo, jillian  

how to: face

here’s a peek at my everyday makeup routine. scroll down to see all of the products i use with the links to buy them!  

friday feels.

I know, I know, I fell off on the friday feels posts. forgive me?  thanks 🙂 this week, i’m thinking spring.  i’ve been picking up some spring accessories, i’m dreaming of a warm vacation + i’m looking forward to some fresh eats. these lace-up flats are on-trend + the color is perfection.  even though my wardrobe … Continue Reading

casual business casual.

my office is casual…..very casual. most people wear jeans.  you can even find people in yoga pants – big no-no in my book btw.  yoga pants are meant for yoga. anyways, i just wanted to share today’s outfit with you because its comfy, work-appropriate (for me) + i just like it. k? k. (booties + necklace are … Continue Reading

meal planning.

  ahhh, meal planning… where would I be in life without meal planning? probably eating takeout everyday. now let me be straight with you: some months, I am a meal planning maniac.  others, not so much. lately, its been not so much. BUT I’m going back in.  my grocery bills have been way too high … Continue Reading

fashion formula.

let’s talk fashion formulas. well first off, a fashion formula is your go-to look.  it helps you get dressed faster, it defines your style and it helps you shop smarter.  its the fail-proof, grab-n-go pieces in your closet.  i’ve been reading a lot about fashion formulas lately and i began to wonder, what is MY fashion … Continue Reading

smoked adobo pork tenderloin

we’re down in texas right now for the C3 Conference and its feeding my love for barbecue. so how about a healthier version with a mexi twist? i give you…..smoked adobo pork tenderloin. its flavorful, its juicy, its spicy, its delicious. add a side of brown rice mixed with a little lime juice and chopped … Continue Reading

travel wear.

we’re headed to dallas this evening, so I wanted to wear something that would work with our ‘here comes the snow’ weather in jersey and the milder temps in dallas. solution?  layers. I’ve been living in this chunky, cozy cardigan that finally came on saturday from Shein. Its oversize and snuggly and I love everything … Continue Reading

video game truck party.

When my stepson’s 11th birthday began to approach, I had suggested having a video game truck party. Well, the gamer in him LOVED the idea!  So the hubs got to booking the game truck and I headed over to Pinterest to start planning!   Let me tell you, game truck parties are THE BEST THING … Continue Reading

friday feels: valentine’s edition.

Looking for something special for that woman, man, girl or boy in your life? Here’s a quick shopping guide of some awesome gifts for those special people! I am totally obsessed with this purse right now.  I need it.  the color is perfect, the saddle shape and tassel are on trend and its Rebecca Minkoff, … Continue Reading