let’s talk fashion formulas.

well first off, a fashion formula is your go-to look.  it helps you get dressed faster, it defines your style and it helps you shop smarter.  its the fail-proof, grab-n-go pieces in your closet.  i’ve been reading a lot about fashion formulas lately and i began to wonder,

what is MY fashion formula?

well, at first glance, i’d guess its a tank, cardi, skinnies and booties.
however, the more i paid attention to what i wear most days, i’d have to say its a blouse/button down, high-rise skinnies and booties.  if its cold, i add a puffy vest, cozy cardigan or leather jacket.

so here’s my challenge to you:
create a fashion formula.  you may already have one!
i promise, it will end those ‘what to wear’ moments before work and allow you to have a cup of coffee with your family before jetting out the door and getting to work on time!





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