I saw a post on Instagram this morning that triggered some major thinking on my behalf.  I quickly regrammed it bc I wanted to share my thoughts on it + how we’re using this as a family.  Fast forward a few hours + I cannot get it out of my head how much I want to elaborate on the subject.  Did you miss the post early today?  maybe you did.  If so, the topic that threw my whole brain + being into a whirlwind of deep thought is….


We preach about it so often.  It’s even our family goal for 2016.


We stress to our boys so often the importance of being kind.  How kindness reflects the type of person you are.  Isn’t it true?  You could be having a “terrible” day.  You woke up late, spilled coffee on your white shirt, got a ticket on the way to work, forgot your umbrella, had a long, stress-filled day at work, the dog peed on the rug, oh wait – forgot to turn the crockpot on, eating takeout yet again, forgot to pick up the school treat for school tomorrow….you’re so focused on what went “wrong” that day + then your phone rings.  It’s your friend that you don’t get to talk to so often anymore bc life, work, family gets in the way + she simply says “how are you?”  you begin to cry bc it’s the first time all day long that someone has asked how YOU are.  Does this feel familiar?  We’re so caught up in the rat race…..who can do more, who can do better, who has this….we wear ourselves thin + wear ourselves out.  And then suddenly someone shows you a bit of kindness + you’re a blubbering idiot.

Why does such a small dose of kindness make such a huge impact?  Are we so focused on the unimportant that we forget to focus on the important?

I’ve come to realize that our initial instinct is to break people down, when we should be building them up.  Instead of saying, “Did you see that lady’s outfit?” How about, “Did you see what a great bond that mother has with her children?  Running around on the basketball court with them, having fun!”  + beyond that, why not compliment her?  a mother loves nothing more than the compliment of what a great job she’s doing.  It’s tough being a mom!  Why not build them up?

Instead of laughing at the guy juggling his grocery bags + tripping over the curb, why not help him carry one?

Instead of laughing at the kid sitting by themself at recess, why not invite them to play with you?

Instead of being judgmental, rude or just completely thoughtless, why not be kind?

My husband was preaching about this on Sunday.  We are so quick to project our insecurities onto other people.  Why do we do that?  Don’t bring someone else down bc you’re not happy with the person in the mirror.  Step out of your glass house + evaluate yourself.  What is lacking in your life that is forcing you to throw rocks at unsuspecting + innocent people?  Is it unrealistic expectations?  Is it an unhealthy environment?  A lack of faith?
Pinpoint what it is that’s bringing you down + fix it!

I had many negative voices in my life for a long time.  People making me always feel like I wasn’t enough, no matter how hard I tried.  Its only once I decided to look inside myself, that I found there was nothing wrong with me.  I needed to focus on what was good + started being kinder to myself + those around me.  and you know what, when you do that, your kids see it.  and you know that old game “monkey see, monkey do” right?  your kids love that game + they don’t even know what it is!  your children are your mini me’s.  they love to follow in your footsteps. your words + actions will affect who they are, what they say + what they do.  put some positive influence into their lives by being kind to yourself, kind to others + kind to them!  encourage them, celebrate them!  they’ll thank you when they’re older.

Kindness is the easiest, fastest + cheapest way to make someone smile.
Why wouldn’t you want to be kind?

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