so I finally bit the bullet + bought a juicer!  after researching + reading about tons of different ones, I decided on the Omega 8006.  not only can I make my green juices, it also minces, grinds coffee beans, makes pasta, etc!
its super easy to use + even easier to clean!  we’ve even given it a permanent spot on our counter + moved our beloved Keurig…I know, we’re nuts!


so now I’m experimenting with all kinds of different juice combos after packing our fridge full of fruits + veggies after a trip to Produce Junction.  (side note:  if you have a produce junction, GO!  they sell large quantities of fruits + veggies for super duper cheap!)

my favorite juice combo so far is what my hubs likes to call ‘green in all the right places.’  he’s a nerd, I know.  it’s a sweet, green juice + we’ve been sipping on it every morning for a nice boost + extra leafy greens into our diet!


so without further adieu….

’green in the all the right places’

2 cups kale
2 cups watermelon
2 small gala apples, quartered
1 lemon, skin removed

Add the kale, then apples, then lemon, then watermelon to the juicer.
Mix well + enjoy!


I prefer mine over ice + I store the extra juice in the fridge in tightly closed mason jars.
I really hope you enjoy this juice bc we sure do!

xx jillian

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