oh H&M, how i love thee.
you are a never fail for basics, neutrals + on trend, age-appropriate pieces.

during a recent trip to H&M, I picked up a few pieces that I will be wearing thru the fall + into winter for sure!  even better, not one piece was over $40!


first of all, this sweater.
fine, super soft knit, hi-lo split hem + $20?
I wanted to buy all the colors, but I restrained myself + picked up the gray + rust.  I will be back tho, oh yes, I will be back.  these sweaters will go with everything – jeans, leggings, skirts, over a dress, with a scarf, with a statement necklace, under a moto jacket.  and the rust?  huge for fall, HUGE.  you will see this color everywhere.




now, let’s move on to this duster…

if you have been following me on instagram, you know i love me a duster!
it just upgrades a simple outfit in such a great way!
I was instantly drawn to this one + I wasn’t sure why until I tried it on.
I mean, its floral + it has pink in it.  two of my least favorite things, but it just works.
I got so many compliments on this at church + i will be wearing this as much as I possibly can!  maybe over a simple tank dress with booties?  yes, yes, yes.



lastly, this sweatshirt.
unfortunately, I couldn’t find it on H&M’s website, but I can assure you, its in store + its $15.  my husband said it had a yeezy season four vibe to it + I agreed.  it’s the perfect cozy weekend sweatshirt without looking like you’re wearing a sweatshirt.
go buy it now.


well that’s a wrap for my H&M review.
they have some great stuff + I tried linking as much as I could below, but unfortunately some things are only available in store!

also, while you’re clicking below, all of my jewelry can be found here + you can get $25 OFF your $100 order this weekend, just because you are the bomb.com!

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