a new year, a new plan.
does this sound like your typical new year post?
maybe it is, but its something that’s a long time coming for me.

my closet has gotten out of control.  there are things hanging in it that i’ve worn once + some i haven’t worn at all.  at some point, these were HAVE TO HAVE pieces + now they just hang.

i’ve been thinking about simplifying, not just my closet, but life in general.
notice how we load up our lives with so much stuff + we forget about it just as quickly and move on to the next must-have?

well in an effort to start at square one, i’m kicking the year off with a wardrobe capsule.  now this isn’t going to be some year-long commitment that i’d likely not be able to live up to.

i’m starting small.

one month, 33 pieces bc i’m a lunatic + obsessed with the number 3.  hey, if it goes well, maybe i’ll try it again in february + so forth.  not only will this downsize my overflowing closet, but it’ll also make getting dressed in the morning even easier.  (right? am i delusional? lord help me)

now there are some stipulations.

one, the 33 pieces are clothing + shoes.  two, accessories not included bc that would be just plain ol’ crazy, especially given stella & dot’s spring launch on january 10th.  three, workout clothes are not included either.

maybe in the future the number of items will go down or be more restrictive, but for now, this is what i’ve got + bc i’m super organized + have been planning this for weeks (aka i am not + have not), here’s a list of what i’m including + pics will follow once i get my life together + picture ready.
Tops – 19

White tank
Gray tank
Black tank
Graphic tee
Peplum tee
Striped tee
Chambray shirt
Plaid shirt
White blouse
Printed blouse
Striped turtleneck
Cream cable knit sweater
Olive oversized sweater
Gray tunic sweater
Black tunic sweater
Burgundy cardigan
Brown cardigan
Tan duster cardigan
Leopard cardigan

Bottoms – 5

Medium denim ripped skinnies
Black skinnies
Gray ripped skinnies
Olive green joggers
Leather leggings
Dresses/Skirts – 2

Printed dress
Black swing dress
Jackets – 2

Leather jacket
Camel coat
Shoes – 5

Tan suede booties
Black suede booties
Camel leather booties
Snakeskin booties

19 + 5 + 2+ 2 + 5 = 33 total items

i hope you’ll follow along + even join in on the capsule.
you don’t need to start january 1st, you don’t need to do 33 items, but if you do want to simplify your wardrobe + say, learn ten different ways to wear one top, then let’s go!  be sure to hashtag your posts #simplifywithjillianrosado so we can do the damn thing together + i can show you some insta-love!

xo, jillian

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