so many women are turned off by trends bc they feel they’re not wearable or just all around too much for everyday wear.
well, i’ve got you gals!  i’m rounding up some of my favorite fall trends for REAL WOMEN: they’ll work with every size and frame!


the question I get asked most is, “what do you wear with navy?”
well, i’m going to answer that for you bc navy is going to be EVERYWHERE this fall!  and the answer is…. anything!

I wear navy with regular denim, gray denim, black… yes, black!  gone are the days of not being able to pair navy and black together!  I actually love the combo as shown here:

I anchored the look with neutral accessories and these fab silver flats, but more on those later….

here’s some awesome navy new arrivals that i’m currently loving:


denim on denim.

i love me some denim on denim, jersey tuxedo, whatever you wanna call it!  the trick here is different washes/rinses.  I like to pair a lighter denim top with darker bottoms (or even black jeans!)


some of my fave denim shirts and jeans:


fall florals.

I’ve never been a huge floral gal, but they’re growing on me!  the difference between spring and fall florals is all about the color.  florals in rich hues just scream fall!  i’m going to step out of my comfort zone some more with florals this year, won’t you join me?



I don’t wear much color, but when I do, RED is the color for me!  it just makes you glow (in a good way!), am I right?!!  you look more tan, your eyes sparkle, its just a YES from me!

I got SO many compliments on the red dress I wore to Hoopla a few weeks ago, read all about that here.


gimme all the red:



black is my favorite color.
for real, ask my kids.
90% of my wardrobe is black and you can never go wrong with it!  its slimming, its chic and its easy!
my biggest tip for fall fashion:  invest in a black leather jacket.
real or faux, whatever you’d like, but it will go over everything and anything.  i wear mine all the time as soon as the weather allows!


some great finds here:



accessories make an outfit.
if you honestly look at anything I wear, 99% of the time, its simple basics + accessories.
tortoise will be everywhere this fall along with mixed metals – think silver, rose gold, bronze.  I showed how to mix them all together in this post.

as far as bags go, the bigger the better and if not big, then hands-free with backpacks and belt bags.  yup, belt bags – not fanny packs – belt bags.

check em out here:



on the shoe front, you will see a lot of fashion sneakers in neutral suedes and leathers.

metallics will be HUGE and look great with a neutral look.  there’s also a lot of embroidered flats out there that would work as well!


tan, khaki and camel.

my fave neutrals.
if you look in my closet, all of my shoes are varying shades of tan, khaki and camel.  i have a problem, i know, BUT they go with EVERYTHING!  don’t knock em til you have a collection like mine and then we can go to therapy together!


so there are some of my fave trends for fall so far.  the thing i love most about them is that they work for real women.  nothing crazy here, nothing you couldn’t wear on the daily.  and before you think you need to go out and buy a new wardrobe, stop.  if you notice the pieces I highlighted, you’ll see a lot of off the shoulder, ruffles and peplum.  they are still in ladies!  for those of you who do like to experiment, you’ll see a lot of texture with feathers, fur and fringe this fall – yes please!

so i hope you enjoyed this rundown, leave a comment below and let me know your favorite fall trend!

xo, Jillian

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