if there’s one post i’ve been procrastinating on putting together, its this one.  don’t get me wrong, i was loving what i wore in Mexico, its just a lengthy post and my heart is still in Mexico BUT i owe it to you guys to share this since I’ve received so many DMs with questions on my outfits.

travel looks

when i fly, i like to be comfortable, ready for whatever weather i’ll be flying into and it must include something warm bc i’m always freezing on planes.  so for Mexico, it was clearly going to be HOT coming off the plane.  I also tend to wear a hat when going somewhere tropical bc they are usually big and don’t pack well – nobody likes a crushed straw hat!

getaway bag, american eagle, free peoplehat | cardigan | tee | shorts | sandals | necklace | bracelet | bracelet | bag


so for the ride to Mexico, i stuck with a supersoft flowy tee, my fave cutoffs ever, the coziest summer cardi, slide-on leather sandals (no tying and untying shoes thru airport security) and my Getaway bag – OBVIOUSLY!

now listen, I know I’m a Stella & Dot Stylist and you’re automatically thinking, ‘here we go, she’s trying to sell me something…”  well, one – of course I am, I wouldn’t be doing my job if I wasn’t, BUT this bag is seriously amazing!  I would have one regardless of whether or not I was a stylist!
It fits SO much, is expandable and for those of you who weren’t believing me, its TSA-Approved as a Carry-On!  (The proof is in the picture people)
There are a ton of patterns but this one is my favorite!

stella dot multi stripebag

Ok, back to travel looks.

For the way home, I stuck with my favorite cutoffs, added a festive pineapple tank, threw my hat back on and switched it up with the comfiest flip flops (i’ve been wearing these for years) and my Cay Tote for my personal item bc that raffia fringe is oh so Mexico!  (Note:  my summer cardi is stashed in my tote to throw on once I got on the plane)

pineapple cutoffs getaway baghat | tee | shorts | flip flops | earrings | necklace | tote | bag

Last thing, and its kind of embarrassing, but who cares!
I sleep with what some might call a “woobie” or a “blankie” and you can judge all you want, but once you have one of these in your life, you will start doing the same.  Why do I mention this? Well, it comes on every flight with me so its also stashed in my Getaway bag to cozy up to on my flight!


pool looks

some people might let out a huge eye roll that there is a “pool looks” section of this post bc why get dressed for the pool, but i’m a girl and i like clothes and i like to look cute, k?
i never used to be into coverups much, but after joining a pool last year, it was just easier (and cuter!) to have some non-clothing pieces to throw over my suit.

my go-to’s for the pool are neutral caftans and coverups, some simple jewelry, waterproof footwear and some fun sunnies!

stella dot gemma caftancaftan | sunnies | sandals | bag | earrings


keaton tunic mexicocoverup | flip flops | sunnies | necklace | bracelets | earrings


pool look hoops bathing suit top | sunnies | earrings



dinner looks

ok, so when you’re on an all-inclusive, tropical vacation, there’s not really a day look needed.  you wake up, eat breakfast, go to the pool/beach/excursion, shower, go to dinner and out and then crash.  so i tried to have a little fun with my dinner looks, incorporating some color (gasp!), fun accessories and some margaritas bc when in Mexico….

loft coral dressdress | sandals | earrings | bracelets


old navy dressdress | sandals | earrings | necklace | bracelet


red ruffle skirt ark bagtank | skirt | sandals | bag | necklace | earrings | bracelets


taj clutch mexico laddress | sandals | clutch | earrings | necklace | necklace | bracelets


so if you’re still reading this far, you’re probably thinking, “Ok Jill, we saw what you wore, but lets see what you did!”
so here’s a few pictures of our vacation!
it was six days of relaxation and bliss and no work
(cough. the hubs said no work, but there was no way i could sit at the end of the stella fiscal year and not work a tiny bit. cough.)


so Mexico, we loved you and your amazing hospitality!
for those of you who asked, we stayed at the Barcelo Maya Beach & Caribe Resort in Riviera Maya and it was absolutely fabulous!  Highly recommend!

xo, Jillian

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