one post that has been consistently requested is my haircare routine, but i’ve honestly been putting it off bc if i told you how i would normally “care” for my hair, you’d be shocked.

so i’ll tell you what i used to do and the recent changes i’ve made.

my old ways

i’ve always liked my hair long and brown.
now, there’s been times in the past that I’ve chopped, went super blonde, added colored streaks and even shaved the back in middle school…. you remember the style and most of you rocked it too, don’t act all holy.  i’ve tried sun-in (what 80s baby didn’t?!), manic panic (really showing my age here) and there was that time i tried to literally bleach my hair.  with clorox.  not lying.  thankfully i grew up before cell phones so there is not much photographic evidence of these horrors.

despite all these woes, i’ve always been into my hair and styling it super fun ways.  i had a perm as a child, used to flat iron my hair into oblivion and the last few years have been all about waves and curls.  what has all of that styling done to my hair?  well, its fried my ends.  heat damage is real people.
fried ends like WHOA

i’ve always been a little cheap with my products too.
i have been a HUGE supporter of Suave Dry Shampoo for years.  its $3 and always worked really well.  fast forward to the breakouts around my hair line, my incredibly dry scalp and just overall buildup.  you know the saying, ‘you get what you pay for’? well i got it.

a new routine.

so i had been hearing about monat products for about a year and was always itching to try them.  i finally took the plunge and so far, i am impressed.


from all the cheaper products i was using, my scalp has all of the buildup that i am in the process of clearing out with monat.  while my hair is combination (dry and oily), i tried out the magnify line, but there’s literally something for everyone.  i’ve already noticed a difference in my hair.  its more manageable, smoother and thicker – which is huge bc as i’ve entered my thirties, i’ve noticed my hair start to thin out.

i know some girls who have tried samples of monat and hated it, but like anything, it doesn’t fix itself overnight.  you need to give it time to start seeing changes.

this is what i’m currently using:

renew shampoo
now this is important:  you must wash twice!
the first wash loosens up the buildup in your scalp.  you will not get the usual lather you do on your first wash.  also, be sure to really wash your scalp!  it should feel like you’re getting a good arm workout from this wash… and who wouldn’t like to work on their mom arms?  i know i don’t mind!
onto your second wash:  they don’t say wash, rinse, repeat for no reason!  this wash will then lather and wash out everything that has loosened out of your scalp and be sure to rinse well.  then its time to condition.

revitalize conditioner
i apply this root to ends, comb through in the shower and then i leave it for 5-7 minutes.  if you need a heavier conditioner, i would recommend the smoothing deep conditioner.


then i follow up with some additional products before I dry.  some people skip this step, but its so crucial to styling your hair.  if you don’t prep your hair, its not going to style or curl well.  i’m currently using this lineup:

reshape root lifter
i spray this into the crown of my head for some lift bc i’m from jersey and i like big hair.  not really, but i don’t want my hair plastered to my head.

blowout cream + rejuvenique oil
i mix a nickel sized amount of blow out cream and 2 drops of oil and apply to the length of my hair and a little extra on my ends.  this smoothes out my hair and just makes it really soft but manageable and ready to style.

thickening spray
i spray a little bit of this through the length of my hair after the cream and oil and then i comb through with a wide-tooth comb.  i was very skeptical of the effectiveness of this stuff, but it really works!  its plumped my hair up like whoa and again, i’m a jersey girl who likes big hair.

so from there, i just blow out my hair and then curl it.  i did a curling tutorial here.  its about a year old, but i still use the same curling rod and pretty much the same technique.
after i curl, i let the curls cool.  this is so important to keep them from falling out!  from there i run my fingers through my roots and spray with hairspray – i’m using the Refinish Control Hairspray.  i don’t run my fingers through the length bc i’ve found they loosen on their own and stay better.  i add another drop of oil and rub it between my hands before touching up my ends with a little.

on “no wash days,” i’ve been loving their The Champ Dry Shampoo!  it works even better than my beloved Suave and it smells amazing too!

i got my hair done yesterday and asked my hairstylist if she could use my new products while washing and she was all about it.  don’t be afraid to ask this, its not a big deal!

new moms:  these products are fantastic for that post-baby hair loss too!

my hair color

so my hairstylist Kate Spencer at Studio Ten Salon in Moorestown, NJ is the
i’ve been going to her for years and she just knows my hair and what i like.  most times i just sit down in her chair and say “you know what i like, do whatever you want!” and i’m never disappointed.  however, i did ask her to give me the rundown of what she does with my hair bc i get a ton of questions on the color.  per Kate:  we do an ashy brown root with balayage and a glaze.  my cut is a simple, long layered cut.
i also started getting touch ups every six weeks bc at 36 you start getting grays that can’t be casually covered anymore.  i used to go twice a year, but those days are long gone and honestly, the 6 week trims have helped my hair grow so much faster too!

gettin’ healthier by the day!

so that’s my hair rundown, i hope its helpful!
if you’re local, definitely check Kate and Studio Ten Salon out, they are THE BEST!  she cuts both of my boys hair too and i get my brows done by Tasha who is just as talented!

ps: bc i like to be totally open with you guys, this girl loves a discount so i am a market partner with monat so i will earn a commission on anything purchased though my link HOWEVER all opinions are my own and are not affected by my market partner status.

xo, jillian


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