I’ve been getting a ton of messages lately asking about my skincare routine.
Could it be from the lovely glow my ring light gives?
Perhaps, but I’m still going to put this post together for those of you who wanted it.
Let me start out by saying I am NOT an expert and I do NOT have any schooling about skincare.
This is simply me sharing what products I use regularly and occasionally.
A dermatologist might look at this and be like, this girl has no idea what she’s doing or what she’s talking about and that’s TOTALLY fine! These are simply the things that have been working for me lately!

So background:
All thru my teen years, I think I had a total of like three zits.
I had good skin, never suffered from teenage acne and I ALWAYS slept in makeup.
Just keepin it real here people….
Fast forward to my thirties and my skin went NUTS.
Now, I still was VERY rarely washing my makeup off before bed, I was eating like crap, drinking, smoking (!!!! again, keepin it real and I quit a few years ago), just literally anything i could do that could be damaging my skin (no sunscreen!), I was doing it and still wondering why my skin was freaking out.
So I was in maintain mode for awhile. Doing what I had to do to live with the crop of zits that never seemed to go away, piling on more and more makeup, etc.

Then about two years ago, I discovered Rodan + Fields.
No, this is not an ad for R+F, I just love their products. Their unblemish line honestly changed my skin.
Breakouts GONE.
I was amazed and the hubs didn’t care about the cost bc he even saw a huge difference. So I consistently used the unblemish line in the morning for over a year or so. I didn’t use at night bc I found it to be drying when used twice a day – even on my uber-oily skin. After seeing constant clear skin, I started to lighten up on R+F, but I still keep the products on hand when my skin gets a little crazy around certain times of the month.

With this newfound “clear skin,” I started to add other products into my medicine cabinet:

For makeup removal, I use this for eye makeup on a cotton round and these to wipe my face.
For daily face washes, I use this one and this one. They clean and aren’t too harsh but get everything off at the same time!  I follow with eye cream (I alternate between this and this) and then I use witch hazel as a toner.  Next comes this serum OR these pads which have brightened and smoothed my complexion like whoa.  Follow it up with this moisturizer which keeps my oily skin at bay!

Some other products I love are this mask – seriously amazing, you need it! This for pimple spot treatments – they disappear overnight!  This exfoliator is really good but not too harsh.
I also love this roller! No it doesn’t hurt at all, it tingles, but helps get those good nourishing products all up in your pores. I apply this before rolling and this after.

Could this routine change quickly? Sure, but this is my regimen as of right now. Like I said, if I start to see more breakouts, I switch back to my R+F until I’m in the clear again. 
ALSO, I was guilty of never washing my makeup brushes! I know, barf. So I recently picked this up and it truly makes brush washing SO simple – and kinda fun!

Lastly, this is NOT a sponsored post, but I am an affiliate of Tula however I used their products before becoming one.
Why do I mention this? They are giving all of my readers 20% off their purchase of $30 or more + free shipping when using this link.  Not sure what to get? I started with their Discovery Kit for just the basics and went from there.

So that’s a quick rundown of my current skincare routine.  Hope you found this helpful and that it answered some of your questions!

xo, Jillian

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