instagram roundup + this weekend’s best sales

week three and i’m still alive and kickin on this weekly instagram roundup (also seen here and here) i’m not one for small talk so let’s get down to it! black and white (aka my fave color combo) i don’t go “business casual” very often these days, but for those gals that do, i put … Continue Reading

shopbop sale

every year, shopbop has its annual sale and shopaholics go crazy. why? the shopbop annual sale offers 20-25% off designer items that NEVER go on sale. this clutch that every fashion blogger owns?  yup, on sale. this thermal that everyone has been living in?  that too. these jeans that I picked up during last year’s … Continue Reading

stripes and bell sleeves

i mean, is there a better combo?!! i love stripes. the amount of stripes in my closet is quite embarrassing actually, but it just goes to show you, they never go out of style and they’re always a big YES!  add a bell sleeve and this top is a YES YES YES!!! the Maette line … Continue Reading

what i wore last week

ok, here we go! two weeks of instagram roundups in a row, watch out now! (see last week’s here) let’s see how long I can keep this up – bets, anyone? let’s skip the small talk tho and get down to business bc I was lazy last night so its currently 6am and I’m drowning … Continue Reading

a girls day in nyc

I mean you guys, the pic above says it all. Have you ever seen a more beautiful room before?!! I’ll come back and share more of its beauty in a minute, promise. Ok so living in the South Jersey area has its perks: We’re about 15mins outside of Philadelphia, an hour from the Jersey Shore … Continue Reading

instagram roundup

so there was a good six-week run where i was posting “what i wore last week” and people were loving it, so clearly i didn’t keep up with it. (see here, here and here) so i’m coming back hot with an instagram roundup of some recent looks for you: this camo sweater is a MUST! … Continue Reading

fitting room diaries: H&M

one of my most favorite things about blogging is the research and by research, i mean…shopping! so here’s another installment of fitting room diaries, this time at H&M! notice the trend of white, green, blue and some patterns too.  i really went out of character on this trip!   white   there’s something about a … Continue Reading

my makeup routine

lately i’ve been receiving a lot of DMs about beauty stuff and while i’m not trained/schooled in those areas, I clearly enjoy them. its just random honestly since my blog is fashion-focused BUT you ask and you shall receive and if you missed my recent beauty posts, you can check them out here and here. … Continue Reading

back to school

back to school. as a parent, you’re excited to get the kids back to school and to establish your routine again HOWEVER it also signifies the unofficial end of summer.  time to get the school supplies, new kicks and sports season kicks off.  i.e., our life gets really crazy. this year is a little different … Continue Reading

how to transition to fall

you may see all the fall things out in stores right now, but if you’re in jersey (or the surrounding area), its not quite “fall” here. some days its 90 degrees, some days its 70, but we’re not ready for our fall wardrobes yet. so, how does one embrace all of the new fall lines … Continue Reading