back to school.

as a parent, you’re excited to get the kids back to school and to establish your routine again HOWEVER it also signifies the unofficial end of summer.  time to get the school supplies, new kicks and sports season kicks off.  i.e., our life gets really crazy.

this year is a little different for me personally.
after leaving my job at the end of May, I hadn’t really experienced the back to school excitement bc my job usually pulled me away from it all.  add in the fact that the hubs is currently on a missions trip in israel and i am done doin’ it this year!  luckily, our boys are old enough that they know the routine BUT its a whole different monster in the tween years.  gotta make sure the hair is perfect, outfit is cool and how dare I tell them they have to bring all their supplies on the first day?!! 😉

so on this first day of school, I’m kind of feeling like a stay at home mom (SAHM) and I need some guidelines.
now don’t get me wrong, I have “work” to do – writing blog posts, working my styling businesses, keeping the house in order, but i’m finding these pockets of time where its really quiet and i’m wondering if i can take a nap?
is that acceptable?  do i set an alarm?
so i’m thinking it will take some getting used to and i am nowhere near a pro, but i’m sharing some ways i’m keeping it all together so far.
yes, i know its just the first day, but i’ve been using this system for awhile now.

first, my calendar.

the hubs and i have a shared google calendar bc when you have as many meetings, appointments, sports and events as we do, you need to keep it organized.

he has a lunch meeting?  it goes in the calendar.
the boys have baseball practice?  in the calendar.
i have a style session?  IN THE CALENDAR.

plus, once you input an event, it automatically updates in the other person’s calendar so no double booking incidents (the w.o.r.s.t.)

second, wunderlist.

if you’re a member of Style Your Life by Jillian Rosado, you’ve heard me gloat on this app before.  the hubs and I both have this one as well.

ran out of coffee?  the hubs puts it in the grocery list and while i’m grocery shopping, i check the list to make sure we’re not caffeine free in the am!

you can create as many lists as you want and label them accordingly.  i currently have:  groceries, house supplies, personal, family and church, but do you boo-boo.

third, the starbucks app.

if you have not started mobile ordering, you are literally wasting SO MANY precious moments of your life, waiting in line, while the guy in front of you stares at the menu

get the app, order your drink, pay ahead of time, collect stars, earn free drinks, walk in and grab your precious latte that is freshly made and awaiting your arrival.  life changing stuff.

last, timeblocking.

i SWEAR by timeblocking since starting my new business(es).
no more days where its 3:00 and you’re sitting there like “WHERE DID THE DAY GO?!!

I plan each hour of my day, every weekday, using my time efficiently and getting it done on the daily.  have an errand that only takes 30min?  i still give it an hour for buffer time bc sometimes you run over or get an important phone call or just something that was not planned for – and there’s always something!  i use my paper planner for this and plan each day the night before so when i wake up, my day is already mapped out.  side note:  the hubs and I also plan our week out on sunday nights which is SO helpful!

so those are some of my tips for you.
again, i’m no expert.
i’m just a mom, looking at another mom, trying to do this thing called life!

ps:  make sure you have a ton of snacks for after school.  these guys eat SO much so i try to keep healthy eats on hand (nuts, TJs kettle corn, apples, celery, etc)

and as a footnote, here’s some BTS looks from my handsome boys.

they each picked out their own looks and they look pretty darn good to me!

vest | tee | shorts | sneakers

tee | shorts | socks | sneakers


and my #momstyle for the day!

top | jeans | booties | pouch | earrings | necklace

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