lately i’ve been receiving a lot of DMs about beauty stuff and while i’m not trained/schooled in those areas, I clearly enjoy them. its just random honestly since my blog is fashion-focused BUT you ask and you shall receive and if you missed my recent beauty posts, you can check them out here and here.

i did a video awhile back here, but i’ve changed some products and techniques since then (except my brows) but it might be funny to watch!

without further adieu, here’s a breakdown of my current daily makeup routine:


first, i start with this primer.  I have oily skin and i feel like this creates a good, smooth, matte canvas to start without clogging my pores.  i alternate with this primer each time I buy, but both are equally as good!

then i work on my brows.
my brows are my thing and being a teen in the 90s, i plucked them to all oblivion back in the day.  you know those pencil thin, half-moon clown brows?  i rocked em.  sadly though, they won’t grow back to their old full glory, so I’ve been penciling mine in for the past 15yrs…yup.  this pencil in hazel has been my jam for many years now and its like $3!  i’ve been looking into microblading lately, but it kind of scares me (even though i have multiple tattoos) however, if you have someone you recommend for it, hook a gal up!

then i do my eye makeup.  i start with a neutral cream shadow all over my lid like this one and then play with my plethora of eye shadow palettes for whatever color scheme i’m going for that day – neutral, smoky, etc!  i add liner to my top lid and inner top and bottom lids.  i love these moonstruck precision pencil liners as they don’t budge!  some of my favorite shades are:  perfect, pristine, proper and presumptuous.

then i move on to my face, but first i wipe under my eyes with a tissue to dust away any eyeshadow residue .

i started using this foundation and let me tell you, it is ridiculous.  it matches my skin perfectly, goes on so nicely and is buildable so if you need extra coverage, just add a little more!  i like to apply my foundation with this brush.  I also use this concealer which covers my dark circles really well and us moms TOTALLY need that!  i apply my concealer with my beauty blender (i love the black one), then blend it in with the BB and set it with this powder while “baking” under my eyes – learn more about baking herethis setting powder is great too!

from there, i move on to contouring and highlighting with this palette.  it is SO good and worth every penny!  (i use the light/medium one)  I blend all shades together for both the contouring and highlighting as they all work well for my skin tone.  i add this blush and then blend everything out with a big powder brush before setting with this spray.  i find that doing so keeps the oil at bay and everything in place.
i finish the look by curling my eyelashes and a few coats of this mascara and my fave everyday lipstick in affluent!

so that’s the rundown of my daily makeup routine.
as an added bonus, you can score some makeup brushes from Mikasa Beauty for 25% OFF with code JILLROSADO25

i have the 8pc Complete Face Set and it literally has every brush you need for applying your foundation, concealer, blush, bronzer, highlighter and blending it all out!

that’s all for now, have a great night! xo

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