you know, it was a good run, but all good things must come to an end.  I had a great run of weekly roundups for you all, but life interceded and things got busy and I got lazy…. anyways, here’s our life lately and be sure to scroll to the bottom for this weekend’s sales.  in honor of my birthday.  just go with it…

 sweater | tank | jeans | booties – 40% OFF | necklace 1 and 2 – 25% OFF! | bracelet

I love neutrals, if you didn’t know that by now.  i’ve slowed morphed my husband’s old wardrobe of loud prints and questionable colors into a beautiful array of neutrals so he can always get dressed on the go.  give in already people.  neutrals all match each other so you cannot go wrong.

poncho | jeans | booties | hat | earrings | necklace

oh lord this poncho.  you know those pieces you cannot stop wearing?  this is one of them.  its 5-in-1, super soft, neutral and the hubs literally said “STOP WEARING THAT PONCHO”  pssshhhh, men.  what do they know?

tank | cardigan | jeans | booties | necklace | bracelet | sunglasses

this was one of those days where i really didn’t feel like taking pics but i threw out a side arm and told the hubs to make me laugh.  i hate pink guys, for real, but i keep find myself wearing it.  what is happening to me?  like for real, send help.

 watch | wrap bracelet | eye bracelet

ooooh one of the perks of blogging, collaborations!
i linked up with wristology and its a win win!  I get a free watch that is super cute and looks fab with my bracelet stack and you guys get 10% off!  you’re welcome.  for real tho, they have supercute, on trend watches and are totally affordable!  go check em out and use code “jillianr10” for your discount!

thermal | jeans | booties | hat | tote | earrings

ok, let’s guess how many times I walked past our garage to get this pic.  its honestly embarrassing, my neighbors probably think i’m crazy.  i was going for one of those “walking into the weekend like” pics….  actually used that exact caption too!  i wear my free people thermals way more than I should but they’re so soft and comfy that i can’t stop won’t stop.  another fun secret for ya:  i get tons of compliments for my hats but they’re never intentional for that day’s outfit, its more about the state of extreme dirtiness with my hair.

hat | thermal | earrings | necklace 1 and 2

a little close up for ya to show off these earrings.  i am obsessed and they also transform into studs.  i love them, you need them and then you’ll love them too.  and plus, feathers?  sold.

 laptop skin | phone case | eye bracelet | wrap bracelet | spike bracelet | ring

another fun collab is this one with case app!  they make laptop skins and phone cases and you can even design your own!  fun fact?  i ordered the wrong size and the skin didn’t fit my MacBook so the hubs graciously volunteered his and its now hilarious to watch people’s reactions as he pulls his MacBook out in public with this supercute skin still on it!

*get 20% OFF your case app purchase with code ROSADO20*

 sweater | jeans | necklace

i love shopping local, but we don’t really have a ton of boutiques in our area with trendy clothes.  enter kristy’s boutique!  kristy reached out to me and invited me to her shop to check out their goods and I am loving the selection!  this distressed sweater is so cute and i’ve never seen anything like it anywhere – lovin’ the olive green as well!  head over to their facebook and instagram, give them a follow and if you see anything you like, give her a call and mention my name!

 thermal | earrings | bag– 50% OFF!

ok, i know another fp thermal.  shoot me.
let’s focus on this crossbody that is HALF OFF this month when you spend $50 or more!  this is my fave weekend bag – mushroom genuine leather and suede goodness!

leather jacket | necklace 1 and 2

the holidays are upon us….  insert slight freak out here.
i’ve started compiling some of my favorite holiday gifts for my customer’s significant others and these necklaces are a top pick!

*also totally missing my long locks*

 dry shampoo | blowout cream | ring | wrap bracelet | feather cuff

speaking of long locks, i’ve been using monat for almost three months now and my hair is better than ever!  read more about monat here and here.  i had the hubs shoot this over the top pic (he loved it! – eyeroll) to show off my two secret weapons that keep my hair lookin’ fine even when its OH SO dirty!

so that’s a roundup of the last few weeks instagram pics.  if you’re not following along over there, why are you even reading this?

oh yeah and last but not least, some of this weekend’s sales:

asos // up to 60% off select items – no code needed

anthropologie // up to 20% off select items – no code needed

express // up to 50% off select items – no code needed

loft // extra $25 off select items – no code needed

minted // 15% off holiday cards with code BEMERRY

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