I have been known to peruse target for hours on end…. i mean, cmon, who hasn’t?!!  target is the black hole that you go into for a tube of toothpaste and walk out with a whole new bedding set, a toaster, new curtains, the entire selection of method’s newest seasonal scent, 3 pairs of shoes, 2 graphic tees, 5 sweaters, 4 outfits for your nephew, chocolate chip cookies and a stack of magazines…..oh yeah and the entire dollar spot.

is that just me?  doubtful.

anyways, on a recent trip to target to stock up on supplies for the house (ziplock bags, toilet paper, the entire dollar spot…), i made my way into the women’s clothing section that is exploding with sweaters on sale.  now to be completely honest, I haven’t been shopping a lot lately.  we’ve been crazy busy and i haven’t had a chance to get to a mall and i’ve been avoiding online sales like the plague.  i do have self-restraint every once in awhile…  so I figured I more than earned a little try-on sesh in target and went for it.

this cardigan

I love this cardigan and bell sleeves are still very in.  its very soft and cozy and i’ve never met a gray cardigan I didn’t like.  I’m wearing a small here and definitely could’ve went with an XS as well, I just wanted a bigger fit.


this sweater

I experiment with color occasionally and red is usually my go-to.  i was loving the balloon sleeves on this one on the rack, but once i put it on, i was not feelin’ it.  its pretty boxy and not very flattering at all.


this sweater

yes, its pretty similar to the red one, however its a not a heavy and doesn’t gather at the bottom so it lays nicer.  i was all on board for this one, but it wasn’t on sale so I cheap’d out and passed for now.  you should get it tho!


this sweater

i love me some leopard and i looooove me some whowhatwear collection however something was just off on this one.  idk if its just too bulky or what, it was just not for me.


this sweater

remember how I said I don’t wear color a lot, yeah well this blush sweater just spoke to me.  guys, its SO soft.  like really, really, really soft.  and i went with the small for an oversized look, but the XS would’ve worked as well.


so yeah, run to target, buy all the things and grab these sweaters to add to your fall collection.  you’re welcome.


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