I’ve toyed with so many Friday “series” and I think I may have found a winner!

this series is giving you the most loved of the week in a quick recap – easy peasy!

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**These are the most common DMs this week on Instagram**

“Can I ask what app/program you use to design your stories? Your layouts/fonts are SO PRETTY!!!!  Love your Try Ons too!”

I use Unfold!  Its super easy and FREEEEEEE and I just really like the clean format it gives my stories!


“I have been meaning to ask did you give up on the vegan life?  Was it too hard?”

Yes, sadly I fell off that vegan wagon!  I really loved how great I felt while vegan and I cooked more too which I liked, but it was very hard to eat out (unless at a vegan restaurant), I ate ALL the carbs and I’m kinda sick of cauliflower….  I may try it out every once in awhile to cleanse myself but I like meat too much to do it permanently.


“I wanted to reach out to you because I noticed you posted something about the Keto diet.  How do you like it?  The Dr. I work for wants me to start on it.  Lmk what you think! Thanks”

I honestly know nothing about Keto, but have a bunch of friends who are doing it and love it!  The hubs is trying to stick to meat and veggies but is kind of interested in trying out the Keto thing so I just searched Skinnytaste for a keto recipe and we loved this one!


“What jeans are you wearing in your Loft try-ons?”

Only my FAVE Levi’s!!  They fit TTS (I wear a 26).  I’ve had them for two years and they are great quality!


*The most shopped item this past week*

My instagram followers went straight up CRAZY over this Loft poncho!
It wasn’t available online when I originally shared my Fitting Room Diaries, but when it did become available, hundreds of you scooped it up!  I’m wearing an XS here and have plenty of room in it!
If you haven’t grabbed it yet, be sure to snag this poncho that will carry you throughout the fall and winter!

*The most liked IG post this past week*

surprise, surprise, THE PONCHO!
I had to share another peek at this poncho when it came back in stock, this time with these leather leggings that are OH so flattering! I even talked my mom into grabbing a pair!  they have a wide waistband and a seam down the back of each leg which gives the illusion of a high, tight bootie (sign me up!) and keeps your legs from looking like sausage links.  I mean, I call that GENIUS!
As for the poncho, see above!
If hundreds of gals had to have it, you might need it too!


*some under $50 items I’m currently lusting over*


So there you have it, the first of (hopefully) many Weekly Recaps!
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