And we’re back with V.2 of The Weekly Recap, a Friday series where I share all of the hot items, most purchased pieces and topics of this past week compiled from all of my social media channels!

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**These are the most common DMs I got this week on Instagram*


What do you use for your blog?  I have such a desire to start one but aren’t sure how!

I use WordPress and as per the hubs, I’m self hosted.  NO CLUE what that means as he does all of my web design and set up BUT if you ever need someone to start one for you, you can email him HERE!

How long have you been blogging?

I’ve had my blog for 2yrs but haven’t posted consistently thru those years – I’m the WORST!  I’m working to change that bc I really do enjoy sharing what I love with you guys!

Did your house come with a chalkboard wall?

Nope!  I just grabbed some chalkboard paint and slapped it on!  I used THIS PAINT and its worked great!  After that, just grab some chalk and start writing, doodling, etc!  I don’t use an eraser to wipe the wall tho, usually jump a damp kitchen towel and let it dry.

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*The Most Shopped Item this past week*


This Polka Dot Tee is by far the most shopped item I’ve ever had as a blogger.
Literally in total shock by how many of you grabbed it, and rightfully so!  Its on sale for $18!
Its so SO cute, supersoft and can be dressed up or down, depending upon how you roll.

I’m wearing a small here and it fits perfectly!

Didn’t get this tee yet?
Grab it HERE!


*The Most Liked IG Post this past week*

Again, no surprise here, The Polka Dot Top takes it!
Anyone noticing a direct correlation between
the Most Shopped Item and the Most Liked IG Post?
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you need to be so you get the scoop on ALL the deals!

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*Five Items Under $50 that I’m currently lusting over*


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