Good Morning! I’m back with V.7 of The Weekly Recap, a Friday series where I share all of the hot items, most purchased pieces and topics of this past week compiled from all of my social media channels!  With all of the info thrown at you on the daily, my followers have said this recap is really helpful for anything they’ve missed throughout the week!

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Give me the deets on that Leopard Sweater!

I shared this leopard sweater in my Fitting Room Diaries and my inbox became flooded with DMs asking ALL the questions about it!

Is it itchy??  Nope! Even tho it does have wool in it, its not itchy at all!

How does it fit??  I wore a Small in my pic and I’m normally an XS/S.  I ended up going with a medium for a slouchier fit!


Where did you get that water jug??

A bunch of you caught a glimpse at my ginormous water jug in my Instastory last weekend on my way to Sculpt360 and wanted the scoop.  Well, you can grab one right here for under $5!  It fits all of my water for the day so I can just chug away without having to refill it!


Where are those booties from?

I wore my 1.State Iddah Booties in my AE Fitting Room Diaries but they are from last year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and unfortunately, no longer available 🙁  I did see a bunch of them on Poshmark tho, so just do a quick search for them!
ps: did you know I sell a bunch of my clothes regularly on Poshmark??  you can shop my closet HERE


LOFT Fall Collection 2018 Stripe Split Back Sweater

You gals seem to go crazy every time I hit LOFT and this sweater was the big winner!  SO many of you scooped this up at 30% Off BUT if you haven’t grabbed it yet, you are IN LUCK bc their Friends & Family Sale is happening right now and you can get it for 40% Off!!
I’m wearing a Small here and the fit is SO so cute!!

Grab this adorable split back stripe sweater HERE!


Most Liked Post on Instagram Jillian Rosado

LOFT Fall Collection 2018 Leopard Jacquard Sweater

Another fave from LOFT I guess?  According to my followers, this was the Most Loved Post on Instagram this week!  I mean, I love me some leopard so I totally get it!

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My current faves under $50!

*Tap each pic for more deets!*

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