Can you believe it’s the LAST DAY of January?!! I thought this month would never end!  I mean, how many days does January have? It felt like 793 over here!  Anyways, January brought some change to this blog (I shared about it HERE) and I just want to thank you all for all the love bc you gals were amazing!  I was so nervous to transition my focus here a little and add in some other things that I love and it was SUCH a relief that you all loved it too!  So to wrap it all up, I’m sharing the Top Five Faves from this month based on your purchases.  I do REALLY appreciate when you gals shop my links!  It helps me to continue sharing new products with all of you without Mike killing me or us ending up in the poor house.  So when you do DM me for a link, you are NEVER a bother and I really appreciate that you all think of me in those moments!  Ok, ok, I’ll stop gushing over here and get to the Top Five of January!


I love me a satin pillowcase to ease the accumulation of wrinkles on my face, but I cannot rationalize spending $$$$ on a slip pillowcase.  I’ll never say never bc I’m sure there will be a sale on them one day and I’ll go for it, but until then, I am SO excited to have found this pair of satin pillowcases on the cheap!  They come in a TON of colors and are super affordable!  Even Mike has been loving the feel of them on his face as he snores the night away!


These snakeskin leggings were a HUGE hit from my recent Old Navy try-on and I TOTALLY get it – they legit suck it ALLLL in!  They are high-rise, 7/8 length so no bunching around your ankles and just all the goodness for under $50!  I did an XS in these and if snakeskin isn’t your thing, they come in solids and other prints too!


One article of clothing I get compliments on daily are these jeans – you can see them here and here (and all over my feed to be honest), but the pictures on the model are less than appealing, right?!!  I bought my usual size in these jeans (26 – I’m usually a 2 in AE jeans for comparison) and they fit SO much better!  Quick thing on these, they have NO stretch so they should fit very snug when you buy them, but they will give after your first wear and then be perfect.  I am really very pleased with these jeans and will buy in other washes once they come out!!


I am SO happy that you guys love this little device just as much as I do!! I may be gross but sucking all the crap out of my skin is so SO satisfying!  This little tool is SO affordable and fun and I haven’t even begun to mess with the different light settings and attachments and I’m still really happy with it!  If you haven’t yet, you can grab it HERE


The big winner in January was this sherpa “teddy” coat!  I got it for under $50 and its just SO soft and warm!  I will be wearing it in France this month for sure!  SADLY, its sold out, but I did find a CAMO version of it for under $50 for all my camo lovers out there!

Other highlights from January…

I read this book and this book – both SO so good to start your year off with a bang!

THIS was the most read blog post for the month.

I started doing 20 pushups a day after listening to this podcast.

Hunter and I completed FIVE WEEKS of Couch to 5K with this app as we’re training to run one this spring!

So that’s the Best of January 2020!  Did you grab anything on the list?  If so, tag me (@jillianrosado) in your posts so I can see how you’re rockin’ your style!  I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for following along with me here as well as on FacebookInstagram and Pinterest!  Your likes, comments, shares, tags and purchases help me keep this lil’ blog going and I’m forever grateful! xo

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