Well if January felt like a year, February felt like a week!  It was a jam packed month for us complete with a chaotic yet incredible trip to France.  It took me a good week or so to get my bearings once we arrived home so you saw less posts on the blog and instagram the second half of the month, but some days we all need some self-care, am I right??! But I’m back on a roll this week and I’m sharing the Top Five Faves from this month based on your purchases.  I do REALLY appreciate when you gals shop my links!  It helps me to continue sharing new products with all of you without Mike killing me or us ending up in the poor house.  So when you do DM me for a link, you are NEVER a bother and I really appreciate that you all think of me in those moments!  Ok, ok, I’ll stop gushing over here and get to the Top Five of February!


I found out about the F-Factor Diet through one of my fave bloggers, Somewhere, Lately and shared a little about it in one of this month’s meal plan.  I love the science behind it and its view of not restricting foods and always having a beverage when you’d like one!  If you grabbed this book, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it!



Wild Fable Mom Jeans

I love me some Mom Jeans and this pair is only $22!  They run a little big so I grabbed a 0 in these!



Stacked Skincare

I’m still loving all of your feedback and questions about my skincare routine which includes this micro-roller – perfect for improving the texture and brightness of your skin!




Who doesn’t love a long cardigan?!  This one was a crowd fave from my Target try-on that I shared exclusively in my instagram stories last month, especially for under $20!  I did an XS in this one.




The top fave in February were these olive green joggers and I TOTALLY get it!  They are comfy, a nicer fabric so you can rock em at work and they’re SO versatile!  I did a XS in these pants.


Other highlights from February…

I read this book and it legit changed my life.

THIS was the most read blog post for the month.

We took an unforgettable trip to France and I’ll be recapping it for you on Friday!

So that’s the Best of February 2020!  Did you grab anything on the list?  If so, tag me (@jillianrosado) in your posts so I can see how you’re rockin’ your style!  I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for following along with me here as well as on FacebookInstagram and Pinterest!  Your likes, comments, shares, tags and purchases help me keep this lil’ blog going and I’m forever grateful! xo

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