I love me some Amazon!  I mean, they have everything and you can get it in a day.  Does it get any better than that??  Since I haven’t shared an Amazon roundup in awhile, I figured why not do one today??  I’m sharing everything from tongue scrapers to bedding to facial vacuums to pencil skirts.  I told you, Amazon has everything!


I’ve been living in my leopard slippers lately, but they’re sold out!  Luckily, I was able to find a dupe pair on amazon that everyone’s been loving PLUS they come in a bunch of colors other than leopard too!!

I’ve been wearing this camo hat a lot lately and always get questions on it.  I have shade “Camo” but it has a faded look to it and its under $10!

I bought this skirt about two months ago and loved wearing it but totally forgot to take a pic in it!  Maybe I’ll style it a few different ways in my stories next week!  I got a Small and the fit it perfect – its not see through at all, high-waisted, has stretch throughout and an elastic waist!

I’m including these sunnies bc I’ve had them for like 3yrs now and they’ve held up SO well!  I get compliments on these all the time – if I ever lost them, I’d reorder immediately!!


I bought this sleep mask last month and I’m SO happy with it!  Its lightweight so I don’t even notice I’m wearing it except for the fact that I can’t see anything haha!  It comes in a bunch of different patterns and colors and has a velcro, adjustable strap!

Speaking of masks, I’ve been loving these self-heating lavender eye masks SO much – especially when I have a headache and when we traveled to France.  I put one on at each takeoff and it relaxed me so much while flying!  I even put myself on a subscription for them bc they’re THAT good!

Ok, this might be a weird one, but I’m sharing anyways, a TONGUE SCRAPER! When Lauryn from The Skinny Confidential shares something, you listen!  When she kept raving about her tongue scraper and its benefits, I finally ordered one and I can’t not use it now!  The stuff that comes off your tongue in the morning is pretty gross tbh, but so worth scraping off!  It doesn’t hurt one bit and if you’d like a tutorial, just let me know and I’ll share away!

I love everything about beautyblenders except for their price and then I grabbed these!  A pack of FIVE for under $10!!  The beautyblender brand are usually like $20 EACH!  These apply the same, are the same size and texture and I’m kicking myself for not getting these sooner!

I am a huge fan of TIBAL and will pretty much buy anything she recommends like these glycolic acid pads and this brush cleaner.  The pads have become a staple in my daily skincare routine and I swear they’ve helped clean up my skin as well!  I cut them in half to get the most bang for my buck!  This brush cleaner makes the chore of cleaning my makeup brushes SUPER easy and fast!  No water needed, no incessant rinsing – just dab the brush in the cleaner and swirl on a washcloth or paper towel until clear – easy peasy!


I had been looking at a new duvet for awhile, but I have a really hard time pulling the trigger on expensive bedding!  Well, this duvet and matching pillowcases are an anthro-dupe and I am loving them!  I love simple, white bedding and the pompoms add a little something without being over the top!  They wash up well too!

Speaking of bedding, I snagged this pair of satin pillowcases and we’re loving em – yes, we!  Mike uses one too!  Satin and silk pillowcases are supposed to be better on your face and hair – less wrinkles, snags, etc but there was NO WAY I was dropping almost $100 on ONE silk pillowcase so these are the best alternative! Just a heads up: the king-size pillowcases are long, so I just fold mine under.

This one is more of a tech-find, but I’m putting it under “Home” – this tripod!  I have a hard time recording videos in my bathroom and other places in my house, but this tripod makes it SO much easier!  Its lightweight, folds up easily and even has a mini-remote!  Can’t beat it or its price!

So there’s a quick amazon roundup for ya!  I also buy all of my books via amazon, but didn’t want to leave you with a HUGE laundry list, so you can actually find everything I’ve bought or have my eye on HERE on my Amazon shop page!  You can actually “follow” it so you’ll get updates when I add anything new to it!  I hope you’ve found this helpful and be sure to leave any questions in the comments below! xo

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