You know what’s funny?  If you caught my Best of March post, I was in utter disbelief of what was going on in our world at the moment.  Now sitting here a month later, I have good days and bad.  Some days, I’m kind of digging this whole new life (minus not being able to see family) and others, I’m like GET ME THE HELL OUTTA THIS HOUSE!!!  But we’re surviving, we’re thriving and we’re taking it one day at a time!  So to keep with the normalcy, I’m rounding up the Top Sellers for the month of April!  I’m honestly not surprised by any of these bc they’re all in heavy rotation for me!


Camo Baseball Hat

I’ve been rockin this camo hat more than usual thru quarantine and every time I do, without fail, you gals are all over it!  I get it too, its under $10 and adjustable for all head sizes – I have a pretty big melon!  It comes in a few other different camo prints, so def check it out HERE


Abercrombie Mom Jeans

One thing I’m in total shock about is the number of you visiting my Mom’s Guide to Abercrombie Jeans post every month – like its insane – but I’m glad to be able to provide value to you so mission accomplished I guess?  I love these jeans and wear them a LOT and they’re always having some sort of sale so I’d def grab a pair!  (I wear my usual 26 in abercrombie jeans)



Slim Fit Joggers

Obviously I’m wearing joggers on the regular lately and y’all went nuts for these!  They’re 30% off today, but under $25 even when they aren’t on sale!  These are a slim fit so if you don’t want that, I recommend sizing up in these joggers!


tarte Shape Tape

There was a MAJOR Shape Tape sale last month and I think everyone grabbed a tube!  If you wanna see how I use mine, be sure to check out THIS POST.  You can grab some Shape Tape HERE



leopard slide slippers

No surprise here!  I’ve been wearing slippers everyday so not shocked that you guys keep on snagging this pair!  They fluctuate in price day to day, but I haven’t seen them go above $20.  They come in multiple colors and fit true to size!  You can grab a pair HERE

other highlights…

I read THIS BOOK in April and it was A-MAZING!
THIS was the most read blog post in April
Some of our fave shows that we binged were:  Outer Banks, Waco, Too Hot to Handle (so ridiculous, but can’t stop watching!)

So that’s the Best of April 2020!  Did you grab anything on the list?  If so, tag me (@jillianrosado) in your posts so I can see how you’re rockin’ your style!  I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for following along with me here as well as on FacebookInstagram and Pinterest!  Your likes, comments, shares, tags and purchases help me keep this lil’ blog going and I’m forever grateful! xo

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