Hey guys, Happy Wednesday!  I’ve been getting questions lately about how I’m getting in shape while gyms are still closed here in Jersey, so I’ll break it down for you today – no gimmicks, no magic potions, just hard work and consistency!

Drink Your Water

This may sound like a broken record, but really, DRINK YOUR WATER!  My goal is to drink at least 96oz of water each day, that’s four Starbucks tumblers full of water.  I mention my Starbucks tumbler bc it has a straw and I find that I’m able to drink SO much more water thru a straw.  Honestly, some days I find that I can drink 5-6 tumblers full this way.  I also love to add fruit and fresh mint to my water to spruce it up a bit!  Each time I finish a tumbler, I log it into My Fitness Pal to keep track, but there are also a ton of water tracking apps you can find out there as well!


Track Every Bite

Speaking of My Fitness Pal, I’ve started tracking everything I eat in the app – it’s free!  I have found that tracking every bite helps me to not eat crap so much! I am a total junk food junkie, fast food junkie, candy junkie, etc and at almost 40, none of those are going to help me so I’ve given them up 95% of the time – I have little splurges on occasion, I’m human!  BUT tracking our meals (yes, Mike does it too!) has helped us eat healthier, watch our portions and really see what we’re putting in our bodies.


Move Your Body

I’m a huge fan of morning routines and adding a workout into mine was a no brainer!  I prefer working out in the morning bc it gives me energy to crush my day.  I started doing Studio LB on May 11th after trying out the 7-day free trial and I’m seriously obsessed.  And no, this is NOT sponsored – I pay for my subscription every month with no discounts or perks given to share about it.  Lauren provides a weekly program of cardio cheer sculpting workouts that are all under 1 hour and let me tell you, they make me SWEAT!  All you need is mat and some light dumbbells (and a resistance band too!) – all available on amazon and five below for cheap and I just stream the workouts from my laptop onto our tv.  So yes, my gym is my living room.  I feel good and I’m toning up so fast from it!  Who knew you could get in shape from working out at home??


Step It Up

One day, I mistakingly looked at how many steps I had in a day on my Apple Health app and was horrified by the results!  You guys, it was like 209 for the WHOLE DAY.  That’s when I decided I HAD to step it up.  Now, I have a goal of 10,000 steps a day, every day.  Yes it sounds like a lot and yes, you have to be intentional about it, but I get ’em i!  I usually get my steps in by walking Delaney and taking phone-free evening walks with Mike – a great way to connect with your partner btw!  Also, if I’m on the phone, I walk while I talk, even if its just pacing around the house.  Those extra steps make a difference in not only your energy, but in your health too!  You can track your steps a ton of ways – from just your phone, to a step counter to an apple watch!


Track Every Inch

Lastly, you can absolutely work out and see the results, but sometimes that takes awhile.  The scale can also be a little defeating when you’re working hard, but gaining weight – the age old “muscle weighs more than fat.”  Now, don’t get me wrong, I weigh myself every Monday morning, but I also measure myself as well.  Seeing inches fall off has helped my morale SO much bc the last two week I’ve gained a pound and felt tempted to beat myself up over it (and the cake I ate!)  Measuring yourself is super easy, you just need a measuring tape and a notepad or you can do it like me and create a note in your phone or on Evernote.

My Results So Far

When I started on May 11th, this is where I was at:

Left Arm: 11.5″
Right Arm: 11″
Chest: 34″
Waist: 28.5″
Hips: 37′
Left Thigh: 21.5″
Right Thigh: 21.5″
Weight: 132.6

As of today, I’m at:

Left Arm: 10.75″ – down 3/4″
Right Arm: 10.75″ – down 1/4″
Chest: 33.5″ – down 1/2″
Waist: 27″ – down 1.5″
Hips: 35.5′ – down 1.5″
Left Thigh: 21″ – down 1/2″
Right Thigh: 21″ – down 1/2″
Weight: 133.8 – up 1.2lbs 

They’re little differences, but it goes to show, it works!  This all works for me bc its doable, but I do need to remind you that it’s also a CHOICE:
Every morning I wake up, I have to CHOOSE to workout, even when I don’t feel like it.
Every meal, I have to CHOOSE to make good decisions, even when I want ALL the bad foods.
Every evening, I have to CHOOSE to walk 3 miles to get my steps in, even when I just want to binge another show on Netflix.
The results you get will directly correlate with the CHOICES you make.

My motto is when I say or think that I don’t “feel like” doing something, that means I absolutely HAVE TO do it!

I hope you’ve found this helpful!  I’d love to hear how you’re getting healthy and in shape during this quarantine – leave your tips in the comments below!

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