If you follow me on Instagram or you read THIS POST, then you know your gal has been workin’ on her fitness!  With that, I’ve been buying more activewear than usual and have found a few items that I LOVE and are all under $25!  So today I’ve sharing FIVE items I’ve been wearing on repeat for my daily workouts!


You need to start with a good hair tie, am I right???  I am NOT that girl that works out with her hair down.  The struggle is finding a good hair tie that doesn’t rip or break your hair while also keeping your crazy bun from falling out mid-workout.  Well, I got these last year in a FFF box and I use them everyday now!  They are perfection!



Once your hair is in place, you need to keep the girls in place!  I found this sports bra last month and love it!  It’s longer than normal sports bras so you can skip a tank if you’re comfortable showing a little sliver of skin and I love all the straps on the back!  It fits snug and holds the girls in place for my entire workout!  I grabbed a Small in this and I’m normally a 34D.


Everyone loves a good pair of leggings, but no one likes spending $100 on them.  Well, I found this pair last year and continue to wear them on the regular!  They honestly feel like I don’t have any pants on!  They’re so lightweight, high-waited and hit right above my ankle – I’m 5’3″ for reference.  Cannot beat em!  (I wear an XS in these!)


As its gotten hotter lately, I wanted to find a pair of shorts that fit well, sucked everything in while not having my butt hang out of them.  Well I found this pair at Target and have worn them almost everyday since!  They’re only $16!  I did a Small in these and they are often sold out but restock often so def keep your eye on them if they don’t have your size!  PS: They don’t ride up either!


I love a good workout tank so when I found this three pack for under $25, I clicked add to cart with the quickness!  They are lightweight and I just love the style of them!  I tend to tie mine up in the front, it helps when I’m trying to check my form during my workouts, but you can wear them long as well!  SO many color combos in these – I grabbed a Small for reference.


currently on my fitness wishlist:


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