You guys seem to love you some Amazon almost as much as I do, so I’m rounding up some recent Amazon finds for you!  There’s just something about an affordable item that’s on your doorstep the next day just makes my heart jump, haha!  I’m going to jump right in here, but you can always see my past Amazon finds HERE and you can also see what I’ve got my eye on by following my Amazon shop page HERE!


hair clips: $6.99 for 12 | Alligator clips are my jam for sectioning my hair off while flat ironing or curling it, as well as keeping it back while doing my makeup.  I recently broke my last clip that I had been using for the past like 5 years so Amazon to the rescue with this sweet deal on a bunch of clips!

halter dress: $23.99 |  I’ve been really loving halter necklines lately so when I set my eyes on this dress, I knew I had to have it!  Its cotton, super comfy and not heavy at all which is key with these scorching temps we’ve been having lately!  I did a Small in this dress and grabbed the olive green, but will def be going back for another color bc its that cute and easy to wear!  Just add a pair of sandals and a fun earring and you’re good to go!

stylus pen: $9.34 |  My friend Rachel shared this in her instastories and I immediately added it to my cart.  Yes, this is the most ridiculous Amazon find in this roundup, but hear me out.  I always love when I see people’s pretty handwriting in their instastories, but i cannot for the life of me duplicate my handwriting (which is really nice tbh) with my finger!  So yes, its a silly reason to want a stylus, but just watch out now with all the fun stories you’ll see with my true handwriting!  This comes in a few different colors and works on iPhones and iPads!

mens bathing suit: $15.99 | I snagged a few of these bathing suits for Hunter this summer bc the boy keeps growing and at the same time is always leaving his suits everywhere!  We go to the shore a lot so there’s never a lack in the need for a good bathing suit!  These are a good length on him, not too long as they hit at the lower thigh, they’re elastic waistband, are lightweight and have netting (which I cut out for him bc he hates it).  They come in a ton of colors and you seriously can’t beat $15.99 for a mens bathing suit!

face masks: 3 for $14.99 | We wear masks when going out of the house here in Jersey and we’ve been keeping it pretty simple with these black cotton masks.  What I like about these are that they’re breathable, washable and the loops are also cotton so they don’t dig into the back of your ears.  They also have that “clip” type thing at the nose to adjust so it stays put and with the size of the bridge of your nose – I hope that explanation makes sense, haha!

bluetooth scale: $35.99 | I grabbed this scale when I started working out over quarantine and to help Mike track his weight loss.  What I love about this scale is its bluetooth capabilities – the four of us all use this scale along with the app – and its app!  The app tracks your weight, tells you BMI, body fat and a ton of other stats!  I shared it in my instastories the other day and you gals went crazy for it!  It also has a $4 coupon right now so be sure to click that coupon box when adding this to your cart!

henley bodysuit: $18.99 | I love me a good bodysuit, you gals know that!  I was looking for a cute tan one and this one was exactly what I wanted!  Its stretchy and super comfy to wear!  It comes in a bunch of colors and I wear a Small in this one.  Its the easiest thing to wear, just throw a pair of jean shorts on top!

So there’s a quick amazon roundup for ya!  I also buy all of my books via amazon, but didn’t want to leave you with that HUGE list, so you can actually find everything I’ve bought or have my eye on HERE on my Amazon shop page!  You can actually “follow” it so you’ll get updates when I add anything new to it!  I hope you’ve found this helpful and be sure to leave any questions in the comments below! xo

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