Clean Beauty.  I hear the term all over the place, but what does it mean???  There’s all kinds of crap in beauty products and you’re putting that crap on your face.  It clogs your pores, ages your skin and seeps into your body.  I know there’s a more scientific explanation, but I’m just keeping it simple for you today.  As I get older, I’m more aware of what I put into my body so trying out some clean beauty products was a next step for sure.  It can be overwhelming bc there are SO many clean beauty brands out there now, which is AWESOME, but as a Stella & Dot Ambassador, I’m lucky enough to try out some of our skincare line, EVER, at a discount.  I have been personally using the EVER products I’m sharing with you today.  I have never and will never share something with you that I have not used myself.  Additionally, as an Ambassador, I do earn a commission from any purchases of the products in this post – always gonna be totally transparent here!

You can read more about EVER’s “Cleanical” Products – clean with clinical results – HERE.  While there are a TON of products, I’m sharing only a few of my favorites today.  I HIGHLY recommend taking the Beauty Consult HERE to see what would work best for you.

Ever Skincare Top Favorite Products

You Gotta Moisturize!

I have oily skin.  Like really oily skin.  Like you could fry an egg on my face, oily.  With that, its really difficult for me to find a moisturizer that doesn’t make my oily skin even oilier.  I have been using the CANVAS oil-free moisturizer for a few years now.  I love how this stuff moisturizes my face, helps mattify the shine and has SPF 30 too!

For nighttime, I started using the Hydralift Oil-Free Moisture Injection Gel a few months ago.  I have been really liking this one – its not too heavy, but still gives my skin a ton of hydration for the night.  It contains hyaluronic acid, peptides, marine extract and LSR10 which all help with firmness, elasticity, plumps the skin, AKA all the stuff I need.

Let’s Glow!

Ever Skin GLOWIFY Brightening Mask

Glowing skin is the sign of healthy skin so adding this GLOWIFY mask to my skincare routine was a no brainer!  First of all, its this rose gold metallic mask which is fun, but fun doesn’t equal a good mask.  What I love about this mask is the cooling feeling it gives your face!  I’m a sucker for that.  It also has clay, wintergreen leaf extract and lactic acid.  These things help to reduce pore size and dullness, detoxify your skin, smooth wrinkles and reveal brighter/smoother skin.

Body Movin!


Your face isn’t the only skin you need to take care of, don’t forget your body too!  Quick Tip tho, when applying products to your face, be sure to also apply to your neck and chest.  Bring it down to the boobs gals!  Moving on to the body tho, I have been loving POLISH and LAVISHPOLISH is a lemon sugar body scrub.  What I like about this scrub is that its not a large grain scrub and there isn’t a ton of oils in it.  I tried the lavender one at Trader Joe’s before and my skin was SO slick from all the oil and I almost wiped out in my shower from it!  POLISH exfoliates your skin gently and easily.  A little goes a long way!  After I use POLISH, I follow up with LAVISH once I’m out of the shower.  LAVISH is an ultra rich body butter that melts right into your skin.  It lasts all day long and helps to fade stretch marks which I am ALL about as well!  It is an Allure Beauty Award Winner and rightfully so.  I honestly won’t ever use another body lotion.  These two go so well together that EVER offers them in a duo at a discount.

Like I said, there are a ton of EVER products that I’ve tried, but these are my top faves.  I would also suggest trying the SMOOTH Peptide Lip Therapy, WHIPLASH Volumizing Mascara and VACAY tanning drops.  Another tip: I do Subscribe to Save for the products I like and get a 10% discount.  You can choose to 30, 45, 60 or 90 day subscriptions and can skip whenever you need to.

So there’s a quick roundup of a few clean beauty products I’m currently loving.  I also have used clean beauty products from these brands and have been very happy with them: Drunk Elephant, Farmacy, First Aid Beauty and The Inkey List.  Have some faves of your own?  Leave them in the comments!


some other clean beauty products I love:


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