It’s Thanksgiving Week!

Depending upon where you live, some of us may be doing Thanksgiving dinner as usual and the rest of us may be doing a smaller, at home dinner instead. Gotta love COVID, huh? Well last week, I shared My Easy Thanksgiving Dinner menu which will be a HUGE help for those of you cooking for the first time ever!

Today, I’m sharing a quick, COVID-friendly appetizer that everyone will love while keeping everyone safe – Individual Charcuterie Cups!

We had a small, outdoor birthday party for me this past weekend and I made a few easy apps in individual cups so everyone could have something to snack on without everybody’s fingers touching it! You can literally do ANY appetizer in cups – Taco Dip, Shrimp Cocktail and Mozzarella Caprese just to name a few! Get creative and have fun with it! I also did some individual Smores Kits in these paper bags – I just put 4 graham crackers, 4 marshmallows and 1/2 a chocolate bar in each bag. I wish I took pics of all of these, but I’m a dope and I forgot! Oops!


Cheeses – I did cheddar and manchego
Meats – I did pepperoni and prosciutto
Crackers – I did rosemary and olive oil triscuits
Fruits – I did grapes, but you could also do a slice of apple or pear
Extras – feel free to add olives, nuts, pickles, etc


In each cup, add two crackers, a slice of each cheese and meat and whatever fruits and extras you’re adding in and voila! Easy (and adorable) app!

I hope you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving this week, whatever it looks like for you! Even though this year has been insane, we still have SO MUCH to be grateful for! On the hardest days, I still look for the good y’all – pandemic or not, there is GOOD in every day, we just have to recognize it! Thank YOU for following along here – I am grateful for every single one of you!

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