I’ve been having so much fun experimenting with my InstantPot since I got it! I guess this is 40, you get uber-excited about appliances? I’m ok with it. Anyways, as I’ve been learning more about how the InstantPot works, I put together my own recipe for Chili in the InstantPot!

It’s pretty cold here lately and we’re expecting snow this week so I figured it would be the perfect time to share this recipe with you! It’s pretty simple to make and has so much flavor – I am NOT shy with the spices y’all! It goes great with cornbread or this beer bread – the boys LOVED it!


2lbs ground turkey
2 medium potatoes, peeled and cubed
1/2 yellow onion, chopped
4 cloves garlic, minced
14.5oz can fire roasted tomatoes
14.5oz can light red kidney beans
6oz can tomato paste
4.5oz can chopped green chiles
1 cup vegetable broth
chili powder
cayenne pepper
bay leaf


Set InstantPot to SAUTE setting and add a dash of olive oil to the pot and then ground turkey. Season the turkey with 1/2tsp salt and about 1tsp each of cumin, paprika and oregano. Break up the turkey as it browns. Add onion and garlic once the turkey is browned and cook for an addl 2-3 minutes until garlic is fragrant.

Add the potatoes, fire roasted tomatoes, kidney beans, green chiles, tomato paste, vegetable broth, 1tbs each of chili powder, cumin, paprika, oregano, pepper, 1 tsp salt, a dash of cayenne pepper and 1 bay leaf.

Cover and set to Pressure Cook High for 15 minutes with Natural Release of 10 minutes. Remove bay leaf and serve!

I love to top my chili with some greek yogurt, shredded cheddar and green onions! SO yum! You can also substitute ground beef or chicken here as well as sweet potatoes if you’re gluten free.

For Reference: I have the 8qt InstantPot Duo Crisp + Air Fryer

I really hope you love this one and if you do, send me pics bc I love seeing you guys cook! You can also tag me in your pics @jillianrosado

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