It sounds pretty comical to say that, huh? The “Best” of 2020?? It’s been quite the year, something most of us have never experienced in our lifetime, but y’all, we survived it! There are many things we can reflect on from this year and many of us lost loved ones from the effects of COVID-19 and more. I don’t want to be insensitive to that, my heart goes out to all of you. We have a long road ahead of us, as things aren’t simply changing with the strike of midnight last night, but I do believe this past year has taught us a lot of lessons.

Before I share my goals for 2021, I wanted to quickly share The Best of 2020 in terms of this blog. This blog has grown SO much in 2020 – I’m sure us being home so much probably had a big effect on that – but I was blown away every month when recapping my blog stats and seeing that growth! Back at the beginning of 2020, I had proclaimed HERE that I was changing things up – that this blog wouldn’t be just about fashion any more, but including more of the things I love – cooking, beauty and lifestyle content – you guys seemed to love that! I’m so glad that we could connect on a level beyond my daily outfits!

So in 2020, your Favorite Blog Posts included:

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The Instant Pot 10qt Vortex Plus Air Fryer Oven
Tatcha Kissu Lip Mask vs Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

So What are My Plans for 2021 on This Blog?

I’m going to keep going with the food, beauty and lifestyle content bc you guys seem to love that!

I’m going to dive into more of the cooking basics for myself to develop more recipes for you! All I know is what I’ve seen my mom and grandmom do in the kitchen, so I think if I learn more of the foundational stuff, it will help me grow even more!

I’m going to keep sharing my skincare struggles as I’m now 40! Whether its acne flareups or wrinkles, I’ll keep showing it all! I also love experimenting with makeup and hair so I’ll keep those things coming as well.

On the lifestyle front, I’ll be sharing some crafts with you – you all went nuts when I asked if you’d like to see some crafty stuff. I’ll share some random home decor, books I’m reading, time management and more!

Fashion will still be coming at you! I’ve obviously been wearing a lot of cozy and athleisure bc honestly, ain’t nobody getting dressed up lately! Taking a peek at the top selling items in 2020, most included cozy Aerie sweatshirts, Abercrombie jeans, Target graphic tees and leopard anything, of course!

My Main Goal This Year is to Celebrate Everything!

2020 taught me personally what’s truly important – cherishing the moments we have with those we love, reaching out to those who are struggling or going through hard times, caring for those who are sick or down and out and being present in each and every moment. To keep that going through 2021, I’ll be sharing Monthly Bucket Lists so you can join on in with me! There are SO many distractions – especially on social media – so I figure why not share what I’m doing each month in hopes that it will catch on and spread more love, kindness and (safe) connection in the world around us. I think we can all agree we need it! January’s Bucket List will be coming at you next Wednesday, January 6th, so be sure to Subscribe to the blog HERE so you don’t miss it!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for following along with me this past year or if this is your first time reading my blog, I’m so glad you stumbled upon it! I love building relationships with all of you, inspiring you to cook more or to just help you see that you’re not alone out there! I have so much hope for all of us in 2021, regardless of what the world around us looks like!

xo, jillian

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