It’s 2021 and we’ve been rockin’ leggings pretty much everyday for the past year. With that, there’s talk of “the best leggings” all over the place – The tiktok leggings! Are Spanx leather leggings worth it? What’s so great about Lululemon leggings? Are those Amazon leggings really that good??

Well, I own four of the most popular leggings on the internet and I’m sharing my thoughts on each pair for you today! Be sure to also hit up my Instagram for a closer walk-through of them.

Lululemon Align Leggings

Lululemon Align 25 Leggings Camo

Ok, so I won these leggings actually! I always toyed with the idea of snagging a pair of Lululemons, but the $98 price tag always made me say no. I mean, what’s so great about these leggings?? Well, the are like buttah. They’re this soft almost like brushed cotton feel, are very lightweight and don’t have that workout legging “shine” if you know what I mean. They smooth everything out but they don’t suck everything in like some leggings do. I did the 25″ Aligns in a size 4 and they fit me perfectly (I’m 5’3″ for reference). These are SO comfy, don’t bunch or lose their shape and I love the gray camo color. So yeah, I’m a convert. Would I buy another pair? Yes. Grab a pair HERE

Spanx Faux Leather Leggings

Spanx Faux Leather Leggings

Ok, the holy grail here. I love my Spanx Faux Leather Leggings. They live up to the hype and they’re worth every penny! I got mine for 20% Off, but the cheapest you’ll find them is during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale for $68.90. They suck you in and smooth you out. They don’t have that dreaded seam right down the crotch that gives you a … toe. You can dress em up or down and no lie, I wear them at least once a week. I DO recommend sizing up one in these – I wear a Small – and I kinda wish I got the petite length. These are so good y’all – I even shared 30+ ways to wear them HERE. Grab a pair of these leggings HERE

The Tiktok Leggings AKA Aerie Offline Real Me Leggings

Aerie Offline Real Me TikTok Leggings

So I owned these leggings and didn’t even realize they were THE Tiktok Leggings – Am I boomer status or what??? Anyways, the claim of these is that they make you look “snatched” AKA they give you nice curves. They have a crossover waistband that gives you the look of a tiny waist and curvy hips. The seam down the middle of the butt gives you nice shape too, but my gripe is, they give me a big ol’ … toe so I only wear them with a long shirt. I did a XS in these, but they are now sold out and they continue to sell out over and over again! You can save THIS PAGE to check back on to see if they’re in stock.

The Amazon “Naked” Leggings AKA CRZ Yoga Leggings

Amazon Naked Leggings CRZ Yoga

Ok and lastly, the Amazon “Naked” Leggings. I bought these almost two years ago after everyone raved about them and I do think for $26, they’re worth the buy. However, I only wear these to workout in. They are made of that shiny, workout legging material. They don’t bunch or fall down, I can wear them like 4-5 times before they start losing their shape, but as soon as I wash them and hang dry, they come right back! I’m definitely a fan of these and wear them in a XS. You can grab a pair HERE

So there you go, four of the most popular leggings out there! Do you own any of these? What are your favorite leggings?

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