July is HERE! June was a crazy month for us, so I am STOKED for July to be here! I’m looking forward to shore weekends and lots of family time along with some new recipes on the blog so I’ve been blown away by how much you guys have been loving all of my food content lately! Anyways, a new month brings a new Bucket List! I have been loving checking things off my bucket lists so far this year and I love the messages you’ve been sending me as you knock another thing off your list!

Here’s a breakdown of ways to tackle this month’s bucket list:

Visit Your Local Farmer’s Market | Its a great way to grab some locally grown fruits and veggies or to try some local restaurant’s goodies! For my South Jersey peeps, we love visiting the Collingswood Farmer’s Market!

Make Grilled Pizzas | We are on a total grilled pizza kick lately and I’m sharing how we make ours on the blog this month! Check it out HERE

Grab A New Swimsuit That YOU Feel Good In! | Who cares what other people like/think/say, let’s wear what we love and feed good in, k? K! I’ll be sharing a new swimsuit I bought on the blog this month along with some others I like!

Put Yourself Out There and Make A New Friend | Y’all, we spent almost a year and a half in isolation! NOW is the time to get over whatever is holding us back and make a new friend! Seriously, no excuses, put yourself out there!

Wipe Down Your Cabinets | You will be SHOCKED how dirty the exterior of your cabinets are, I promise! Take a simple solution of 1tsp Tide powdered detergent and some hot water and wipe em down with a washcloth. Voila, sparkling clean cabinets! Check out Go Clean Co for more cleaning tips – she’s my go-to!

Read A Book Outside of Your Usual Genre | I always go for personal growth, but I’m definitely gonna switch it up this month! Leave me some recs in the comments! You can check out some of my faves HERE

Rainy Day? Try Air Fryer Burgers! | Don’t you love when you’re planning to grill some burgers for dinner and it starts raining? Well, you CAN make burgers in your air fryer and I’ll be showing you how later this month!

Grab Some Fresh Flowers For Your House | There’s nothing like some fresh flowers to brighten up your day! These flowers are in-season for July: orchids, lilies, gardenias (love these!), gerbera daisies and hydrangeas!

Randomly Send Someone A Coffee | Nothing cheers me up like coffee, so I like to randomly Venmo or Cash App my friends a coffee on me! Whether its their birthday or they just need some cheering up, search em up on whatever app you use and send em a cup on you!

So there it is, our July Bucket List! I hope you join me in this and have fun with it! Below you can find an image to share on facebook or instagram and one for your instagram story! Be sure to tag me @jillianrosado so I know you’re joining in! I can’t wait to see what everyone does with this month’s challenge!

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