Seltzer is having a moment. Everywhere I look, there’s some new flavor or variety of seltzer popping up whether its “spiked” or not. We also love debating what kind of liquor is in White Claw and Truly. So when preparing for a recent women’s event I hosted, I thought it would be fun to put together a Make Your Own Seltzer Bar! The options are endless AND you can add vodka or tequila if you want an “adult” version too!

I started off with plain seltzer (I used La Croix) and did cans to keep it as sanitary as possible for everyone. I put out some juices – orange, grapefruit and cranberry – but you could get VERY fancy here! Next were the “toppings” – lemons, limes, raspberries and some fresh mint and basil from my backyard. You can literally use anything tho – strawberries, rosemary, syrups, etc.

I used simple clear cups and a kraft paper “tablecloth” to label all the items on the table. I just thought it was a fun idea and is great for brunches, showers and any other event you have coming up! If you try this, be sure to tag me @jillianrosado so I can see!

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