You guysssss, it’s August! AUGUST!! I cannot believe that summer is almost over – it FLEW this year, right??? Anyways, a new month brings a new Bucket List! I have been loving checking things off my bucket lists so far this year and I love the messages you’ve been sending me as you knock another thing off your list!

Here’s a breakdown of ways to tackle this month’s bucket list:

Unplug For A Day – From EVERYTHING! | I saw an Instagram Post this week that said, “Is anybody else in a weird state of mind right now? Like everything is fine but everything’s not fine????” and I literally said out loud YES. The world is just WEIRD right now. There is so much uncertainty and hurting and hostility and its just a LOT. We feel like we need to know everything, have the right answer for everything and do it all perfectly, am I right? So instead of trying to spin all the plates perfectly this month, in the midst of trying to get back into a “normal routine” (I find it ridiculous to even type that) and if you’re a parent, get the kids back to school, take a freakin day off and unplug from everything! Put the phone down, turn the tv off, shut your macbook, put down the newspaper (those still exist right?) and DISCONNECT from it all! We all need a break guys and sometimes we talk ourselves out of that, but I beg you – unplug for a day.

Create A Back To School Bin | Whether it be an Occasions Bin or a basket full of all those things your kids will inevitably ask you for (where’s the pens? i need a folder! do we have a pencil sharpener?), throw it all in a bin and make your life a little bit easier!

Try A TikTok Recipe | Love it or hate it, I’ve found so many creative recipe ideas over on TikTok! Ummm, Pasta Chips?!!! Anyways, I’ll be trying a new one out later this month for you, but in the meantime, be adventurous, get your kids or partners or friends involved and have fun with it!

Send A Card To A Friend | I will say this til I’m blue in the face, it is SO nice to get a card in the mail! It literally makes my day every time I get one so spread some love to someone special with a simple card this month!

Donate Supplies To Your Local School | You may not think they need them, but they do! Even in towns you may not think, there’s always a student that needs supplies or teachers who need them! You’d be surprised how much teachers have to buy to equip their classrooms and students for the year! So grab some extra notebooks, pens, folders, backpacks, WHATEVER and drop them off to your local school!

Grab A New Pair of Jeans | With fall right around the corner, I know I’ll be grabbing a new pair of jeans for sure! Don’t worry, I’ll be doing a Denim Try-On later this month so I’ll do all the leg work for ya! Be sure you’re subscribing to my blog so you don’t miss it!

Take A Deep Breath and Enjoy The Month! | August is gonna fly by regardless of how much we don’t want it to so stop, take a deep breath and take it all in! Enjoy your month y’all!

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