A New Month means…. A New Bucket List! I have been loving checking things off my bucket lists with you guys this year and I love the messages you’ve been sending me as you knock another thing off your list!

Here’s a breakdown of ways to tackle this month’s bucket list:

Donate The Clothes You Don’t Wear | September is the perfect time to get rid of not only the fall clothes you don’t wear, but also the summer clothes you don’t wear since its a transitional month! When you’re done, don’t leave them sitting in your trunk – bring them to your local women’s shelter, Goodwill or wherever you’d like! When you’re done, it’s a great time to organize your closet for fall! Check out how I organize mine on the cheap HERE

Get Together With Some Friends To Watch A Football Game | Whether its in person for your favorite local high school, college or pro team OR if you’re just gathering at home to watch a game on tv with some delicious wings! Mine are BOMB – you’ve gotta make em! Recipe HERE

Add A Fall Candle To Your Home | I am ready for all the fall scents come September – pumpkin, apple or maybe you just love a musky vanilla like me! Its an easy and affordable way to bring some fall into your home!

Gratitude Day: September 21st is Gratitude Day! Why not tell someone that you’re grateful for them? You can even make a list of everything you’re grateful for and hang it on your mirror so each morning while you get ready, you’re reminded of it! Its a great way to start your day! You can even start a Gratitude Journal which has done amazing things for me and my mindset!

Go Apple Picking and Bake Something Yummy! | I will for sure be baking something with apples this month so be sure to check back here for some recipes!

National Coffee Day | September 29th is National Coffee Day and let’s be real, its Coffee Day every day for me! Ha! But in honor of the day, go grab coffee with a friend and catch up!

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