Idk if you know this about me yet, but I am a PSYCHO PLANNER. I cannot function without my planner, my notebooks, my Trello – I use ALL of it. Every year around this time, I start getting DMs asking what my favorite planners are and I’ve actually shared posts before about them – My New Years Necessities and How I Plan My Day – but I love planners so much that I’m doing a dedicated post about them!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE The Day Designer! Not sponsored. Do I even need to say that? Whatever. I have been buying their planners for years now – they never disappoint! What I love even more about them is that they do a line for Target too so you can get their planners at a lower price too! Why Day Designer? Because they do a Daily/Monthly Planner which gives a monthly view but also a whole page for each day with time slots from 6AM-8PM, a place for my Top Three, a checkbox’d To-Do List, a spot for Notes, Tonight, Gratitude AND a daily quote! Its like everything I love in one planner and I haven’t seen anyone but The Day Designer do it!

I also love their cover design options! I always go for black and white striped, but there’s other cute pattern options! They also include stickers, pocket folder pages and more, but I stick to the important stuff y’all! I got NO TIME to put stickers on my planner! THIS is my exact planner.

Keepin It 100: As stated above, NOT SPONSORED. I bought this planner with my own money and I’m sharing it bc I love it. Nuff said.

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