My Everyday Hair Tutorial

I’ve been asked quite a few times for a hair tutorial, so today I’m sharing from washing thru curling, how I do my hair! A quick note before we get into it. I wash my hair twice a week, max. I’ve been doing so for YEARS now. It definitely takes some training for your hair … Continue Reading

My Favorite Face Masks

In light of the uprising in “mascne,” today I’m sharing three of my favorite face masks which I believe help me avoid breakouts and have helped my skin improve dramatically in the last year! Flashback to December 2018 My skin freaked out yet again and I was mortified! Fast Forward to NOW My acne has … Continue Reading

My Dailies

I often get questions about what type of vitamins I take so I figured why not share those today for a Wellness Wednesday of sorts! As I mentioned in this post, I’m approaching 40 so I’m trying to do as many things as possible to keep myself healthy. So here are my “dailies” – vitamins … Continue Reading

August Amazon Finds

Since everyone seems to love a good Amazon find, I decided to make this a monthly post bc apparently we buy enough from Amazon each month for that to happen… don’t judge me, I just love me some Next Day Shipping! If this is your first time reading my blog, you can see my past Amazon finds HERE and … Continue Reading

Why I’m Taking Collagen

Alright y’all, 40 is creepin’ on me!  I’ve got less than 3 months til the big 4-0 and while I’m not totally buggin’, I’m very aware of changes that creep in when you hit 40.  With that, I’ve been making changes on my own to not “reverse” the aging process, but to slow it down … Continue Reading

August Wishlist

clockwise from top left:  black graphic tee | plaid blazer | NYC graphic tee | black loafers | tote | vacuum (yes, a vacuum! I blame @gocleanco) | lip oil | lip gloss | black jeans  Back again with another wishlist!  I’m definitely starting to pick up more items that I can transition into fall!  What … Continue Reading

NSALE 2020: Public Access

Well, the day is finally here!  Public Access opens at 9:30AM EST for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!  I have ALL my fingers crossed for some restocks this morning!  Today, I’m going to share what I bought from the sale this year, what I own from past year’s sales that you can still get your hands … Continue Reading

NSALE: What’s In My Cart?

  Insider Access begins TODAY at 9:30AM EDT for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and I’m going to be honest, I’m a little irritated.  I’m writing this post two days before you’re reading it and as of right now, everything except for 3 items on my wishlist is sold out.  I mean, better for my wallet, … Continue Reading

Getting Started with Clean Beauty

Clean Beauty.  I hear the term all over the place, but what does it mean???  There’s all kinds of crap in beauty products and you’re putting that crap on your face.  It clogs your pores, ages your skin and seeps into your body.  I know there’s a more scientific explanation, but I’m just keeping it … Continue Reading

NSALE 2020: Top Ten

The 2020 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale opens today for Nordy Club Members with ICON status which means you spend a LOT of money at Nordstrom.  I am DEF not an Icon, at least not in the Nordy Club!  Haha!  Anyways, as some of you might be Icon status, I’m sharing My Top Ten picks from the … Continue Reading