How I’m Getting In Shape At Home

Hey guys, Happy Wednesday!  I’ve been getting questions lately about how I’m getting in shape while gyms are still closed here in Jersey, so I’ll break it down for you today – no gimmicks, no magic potions, just hard work and consistency! Drink Your Water This may sound like a broken record, but really, DRINK … Continue Reading

Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts

from top left:  auto echo | charging station | airpods pro | wireless meat thermometer | grilling glove | coffee subscription | skincare set | foam roller set | clippers Hopefully you’re not like me and didn’t wait til the last minute to order a Father’s Day gift for your dad, husband, brother, son, etc., … Continue Reading

My Quarantine Routine

Remember how I talked about being a cool, relaxed mom a few weeks into quarantine HERE?  Well that ended quickly after some less than stellar grades came in for the boys…  You live and you learn.  What I also noticed was my anxiety started increasing over the most simple things and I couldn’t wrap my … Continue Reading

Mother’s Day Gift Guide | Quarantine Edition

clockwise from top left:  mama necklace set | mug | candle | airpods case | flowers | mom bracelet set | slippers | blanket | lavish polish duo | pajamas Mother’s Day is almost here!  It’s Sunday, May 10th, for those of you who didn’t know and I’m sharing this TODAY bc you pretty much … Continue Reading

Books To Read During Quarantine

  As our days seem to have a little extra room at this time, I decided to share some books I’ve read over the past six months that really made an impact for me or were incredible page turners!  If you know my Morning Routine, then you know I love to start my day with … Continue Reading

How We’re Keeping Busy During Quarantine

I was fully prepared to bring you another Meal Plan this Monday, but instead, I thought I’d share how we’re keeping busy during quarantine – I just felt like more people might be able to relate to it right now.  We’ve been in the house (except for essential trips to the grocery store) since March … Continue Reading

Best of March 2020

Well I mean, I don’t know where to even start when talking about March!  Who could have ever predicted we’d be where we are now??  For those of you who are new here, we live in New Jersey AKA 2nd highest number of cases in the country…  Its a little crazy around here but if … Continue Reading

My Morning Routine 2020

Morning Routines.  I legit could read about/listen to ALL the morning routines people follow, there’s just something about them that fascinates me.  I shared My Morning Routine last year HERE and you all seemed pretty interested in it then so why not update you with what I’m currently doing now? I know it might sound … Continue Reading

How I Manage My Time

Time, it seems we never have enough, am I right?!!  I have been getting a lot of DMs lately about how I manage my time bc I wear a LOT of hats throughout the day and keeping it all straight while getting it all done can be chaos if you’re not careful!  So before I … Continue Reading

Valentine’s Day Gifts

hoodie | heart tote | heart studs | graphic tee | heart necklace | onesie | boys tee | dish towel | waffle maker | lip gloss | candle | love language game | beautyblender duo | nail polish | wreath | mugs | boys outfit | girls dress | decor Its almost here again, … Continue Reading