my skincare routine – updated!

this was a long awaited and much anticipated blog post and lucky enough, I’m sitting in the airport gate, waiting for our delayed flight to Miami to actually board.  better time than ever, right? so my skincare journey, I’ve documented it here before but there have been some changes in the past year that my … Continue Reading

what’s in my bag?

happy weekend! i just wanted to put a little post together for everyone to enjoy this weekend since i actually took my time to clean out my purse all thanks to the emily ley simplicity challenge! so here’s what’s in my bag: first of all, the bag! i use my sunday bag everyday of the … Continue Reading

my skincare routine.

I’ve been getting a ton of messages lately asking about my skincare routine. Could it be from the lovely glow my ring light gives? Perhaps, but I’m still going to put this post together for those of you who wanted it. Let me start out by saying I am NOT an expert and I do … Continue Reading