My Morning Routine 2020

Morning Routines.  I legit could read about/listen to ALL the morning routines people follow, there’s just something about them that fascinates me.  I shared My Morning Routine last year HERE and you all seemed pretty interested in it then so why not update you with what I’m currently doing now? I know it might sound … Continue Reading

My Morning Routine

A new year brings new habits and something I really wanted to focus on in 2019 is taking care of myself. I tend to run myself rampant, eat Chikfila WAY too much and my health comes last. With that, I’ve noticed an increase in headaches and my skin has lost its damn mind. Being that … Continue Reading


a little different from my other fashion-focused posts, today I’m chatting about how to survive the back to school season.  we started back last thursday and as prepared as one can think they are, a new routine can throw the whole fam for a loop!  so today, I’m sharing some tips on how to get … Continue Reading