How To Manage Your Time

Ok, I need to legit preface this post by sharing that I am NOT perfect with time management and I do not get this right a LOT of the time, but I try! In the shower this morning (where I do all of my good thinking and chat with God), I was really discouraged by … Continue Reading


a little different from my other fashion-focused posts, today I’m chatting about how to survive the back to school season.  we started back last thursday and as prepared as one can think they are, a new routine can throw the whole fam for a loop!  so today, I’m sharing some tips on how to get … Continue Reading

erin condren life planner

gals – you know how much I looooove me a good planner so I was over the moon excited to collab with Erin Condren again for the release of their new 2018-2019 Life Planners! these are the cadillac of the planner industry… ok, that sounded really old.  they are the g-wagon, ferrari, insert whatever luxury … Continue Reading

Erin Condren 2018 Spring Seasonal Surprise Box

hey gals, i am SO excited for today’s post as its a collaboration with a company that i absolutely l.o.v.e. Erin Condren you may have heard about erin condren’s life planners that literally change your life so when collaborating became a possibility, my notebook-hoarding, planner-obsessed self was over the moon excited!  and then to add … Continue Reading

how to 2018

ah, a new year. you know all the sayings: “new year, new you” “a new beginning” “day 1 of 365” a new year gives you a new chance to do things different and with that, this gal makes her list of resolutions (or new habits to adopt) and grabs the necessities to do it. so … Continue Reading