2.9 / friday five

happy friday y’all! i’ve been on cloud 9 ALL WEEK LONG after our Super Bowl Win on Sunday!!!  seriously, i think the hubs is ready to lose it over my random E-A-G-L-E-S chanting at any given point throughout the day!  let’s just say its the best thing ever and we had a blast celebrating the … Continue Reading

what i’m reading in 2018

as i mentioned in my first blog post of 2018, i made a resolution to read at least one chapter of a book each morning and so far, i have read two books and we’re only halfway through january!  (i read two chapters a morning of my second book bc i was loving it SO … Continue Reading

1.5 / friday five

I have big plans for this blog in 2018. no, this isn’t me spouting off all this nonsense that’s not going to happen.  I even put together an editorial calendar…. whaaaat?!!  being oh so prepared and ready to crush it this year! i’m starting a new installment for each friday called the “friday five” – … Continue Reading