How I Plan My Day

This has been a highly requested blog post for awhile and I’m just getting around to putting it all together for you! Time Management and Daily Planning are a love of mine – weird, I know, but I juggle a lot and in order to get (most) of it done each day, I need some … Continue Reading

New Years Necessities

2020 is right around the corner and with that, I go into major planning mode. My #1 New Year’s Necessity is a PLANNER! I am a psycho planner, I’ve share HOW I plan my days HERE and today I’m sharing WHAT I specifically use to plan my days! (Be sure to read all the way … Continue Reading

How I Manage My Time

Time, it seems we never have enough, am I right?!!  I have been getting a lot of DMs lately about how I manage my time bc I wear a LOT of hats throughout the day and keeping it all straight while getting it all done can be chaos if you’re not careful!  So before I … Continue Reading

How To Manage Your Time

Ok, I need to legit preface this post by sharing that I am NOT perfect with time management and I do not get this right a LOT of the time, but I try! In the shower this morning (where I do all of my good thinking and chat with God), I was really discouraged by … Continue Reading