Since you gals love LOFT so much, I hit my local store this week bc SURPRISE, they’re having a sale!  I mean, when are they not??  Anyways, I did another round of Fitting Room Diaries for ya and LOFT is continuing to bring it with some great, on trend styles this year!  Even for myself, who loves living in black and neutrals, they have really stepped up their game!  So without further adieu, here’s my LOFT Fitting Room Diaries…

top | jeans | shoes | necklace | earrings | ring

I love me a good peplum so when I saw this top, I went for it!  I mean, its my fave silhouette, my fave color, one of my fave prints…. I could go on and on!  Anyways, it fits TTS (I’m in a small), it has a modesty snap so you don’t have to worry about the girls falling out and you can dress it down like I did here with ripped skinnies and ankle boots or you could dress it up with some burgundy pants and heels for the holidays!

Grab this plaid peplum top HERE

lace cami | cardigan | camo pants | shoes | necklace | earrings | ring

ok so as soon as I saw these camo pants, I was SOLD!  I love me some camo (which you may have noticed if you follow me on instagram bc I’ve been wearing a lot of it!) so yeah, it was happening.  (I’m wearing a 0/25 in these pants) I wanted to dress it down some but not with black – I know, who am I???  so I went with the next best thing and that’s navy!  this speckled navy cardigan is OH so soft and will go great over any top in your closet!  I wore an XS in this one and had plenty of room!  then I came across these cute lace camis – ps: they’re under $15!  Its such a cute underpinning for a cardigan or even peeping out of a v-neck top!  these are super stretchy so I grabbed a small bc this mom does NOT want anything too tight in my midsectional area if you know what Im saying!

Grab these camo pants HERE

Grab this navy speckled cardigan HERE

Grab this lace cami HERE

sweatshirt | pants | shoes | necklace | earrings | ring

I’ve been seeing these twist front shirts everywhere but was TOTALLY loving this gray speckled version – its supersoft, has a flattering fit AND its a sweatshirt!  I will be LIVING in this for sure!  I grabbed a small in it bc I didn’t want it too snug and its the perfect size for me!  I then spotted these leopard pants.  GALS.  You know my leopard obsession is real and this season its straight up outta control!  These skinnies are SO so cute and some of you might be like, NO WAY can I wear these BUT YOU CAN!!  I grounded the print with a neutral top and bam – Cute. Outfit.  Try it, you’ll like it!  I’m wearing a 0/25 in these pants.

Grab this twist front sweatshirt HERE

Grab these leopard skinnies HERE

sweatshirt | jeans | shoes | necklace | earrings | ring

I kept on this adorable sweatshirt but switched out the leopard skinnies for these black moto jeans for those of you who are like NO WAY am I wearing leopard pants Jill…  Well these black moto jeans are just as cute and will go with a TON more in your closet!  I love zipper details – they’re my jam!  These run smaller so while I still grabbed a 0/25 in these (they’ll stretch as you wear ’em), you may want to size up in these!

Grab these black moto jeans HERE

sweater | jeans | shoes | necklace | earrings | ring

I’ve never met a striped shirt I didn’t like, but this one has a thinner stripe at the wrist so its different than the 1,000 other striped shirts in my closet and I needed it.  Totally ok, right?!!  Will someone tell Mike that??  Anyways, this sweater is SUPER cute, warm and I’m wearing an XS in it so its TTS (true to size) for sure!  These jeans caught my eye on the way to the fitting room and I’m glad they did!  I’m all about raw hem jeans, but then they went ahead and put black velvet floral appliqués on the side.  Like c’mon LOFT, you sure know how to rope a gal in, you sneaky, sneaky designers!  I’m wearing a 0/25 in these and I’m still dreaming of all of the casual and dressy ways to style these babies this next month or so.  Totally in love!

Grab this striped sweater HERE

Grab these velvet floral jeans HERE

dress | shoes | necklace | earrings | ring

fun fact: as much as I love wearing dresses in the spring and summer, I very rarely wear them in the fall/winter.  Ok, I guess that’s not much of a “fun” fact BUT its true!  I guess its my pale legs, I just don’t think anyone needs to see them and I’m not that devoted to self-tanner in the cooler months.  So I usually steer clear of dresses, but I thought this one was supercute especially with Thanksgiving coming! This one is lightweight and passes the Catholic school fingertip test – I’m wearing an XS here.  I would love to pair this one with flat over the knee boots (like these!) and a long cardi-vest like this one!

Grab this Thanksgiving-approved dress HERE

sweater | jeans | shoes | necklace | earrings | ring

I am loving chenille this season!  I mean, how can you not?!!  every color under the sun looks gorgeous in chenille – it just makes it shimmer AND its such a soft, luxurious fabric!  so this tunic sweater got ALL the heart eyes from me with its boatneck and especially bc its in gray, duh!  anyways, I tried it in a small and a medium and actually preferred the medium bc its a slimmer cut sweater.  Like most of the other things I tried on, you can dress this one up or down, I would love it with leather leggings for the holidays!

Grab this chenille sweater HERE

jacket | sweater | jeans | shoes | necklace | earrings | ring

temps are droppin’ gals!  actually as I type this it is so freakin’ cold outside!  I am NOT ready for this BUT if I have to endure these freezing temps, I might as well be as snug as a bug in a rug in the cutest coats!  this one is SO plush!  I love sherpa so I am totally here for an entire sherpa-inspired coat!  this is so warm and cozy and while I’m wearing a small in this picture, I would have preferred an XS in this one.  ALSO they had this coat in store and its GORGEOUS however they only had larger sizes so I couldn’t photograph it for you guys but I HIGHLY recommend scooping it up!

Grab this plush jacket HERE

So there’s my LOFT Fitting Room Diaries in all their glory!  Why did I go back there again so soon??  Well they had a whole new collection in store and its all 40% OFF – be sure to use code WORKIT for the discount!

I also wanted to take a second and thank you all for not only following this lil blog of mine, but for shopping my links as well!  I do make a small commission anytime you purchase something thru them (at no cost to you of course!) and that helps me keep this blog going – so THANK YOU!

I hope you enjoyed this roundup and if there’s ever a store or type of clothing you want me to feature here, be sure to shoot me an email and I’ll gladly cover it for ya!

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