Well, hello.  You may have noticed that my blog went dark last week.  If you follow me over on Instagram. then you know that statement does not mean I went silent.  Instead, I’ve been more vocal than ever.  Standing in solidarity with black women and men was the priority and still is.  I strongly feel that if I do not use the platform I have to help not only spread messages of love and encouragement as well as to speak out against injustices, then what is the point of having a platform?

I’ve struggled with how to proceed in this space.

The goal of my blog is to help women to style their lives, which includes not only what they’re eating, wearing, etc., but also their hearts.  So moving forward, I will continue sharing ways to style your life, but also encouraging you to work on your heart, take action to support the Black Community and how to be an anti-racist.  Today, I’m doing so by sharing two food blogs that I’ve followed for awhile now both run by black women.   I strongly believe in diversifying our feeds, one bc its where we spend most of our time and two, it helps us grow when we surround ourselves with people who don’t look like us.

Additionally, these features will not be found in the footnotes of my posts, they’ll be right at the top, where they should be!  Supporting fellow women, especially women of color, should always be a priority and never a footnote.

Food Heaven Made Easy is not only a food and wellness blog, but they also have a podcast where they speak on a variety of ways to take care of not only your body, but your mind.  They are one of my go-to’s for plant based recipes.  Two of my all-time faves are their Avocado & Black Bean Taquitos and their Peach Watercress Salad – SO perfect for summer!!  DEF check them out – they also have some free meal plans and smoothie recipes!  You can also follow them on Instagram HERE

Ok, if you don’t follow Grandbaby Cakes already, you are MISSING OUT.  I loooove me some southern food and Jocelyn BRINGS IT.  I cannot wait to make her latest Strawberry Shortcake recipe, but my faves from her are for sure her brownies – I only use this recipe, they’re SO good – and her pot roast – omg the BEST!  She is definitely a good follow if you love to bake or just food in general!  You can follow her on Instagram HERE

Watermelon Caprese

I shared this over a week ago and you guys went nuts for it so I’m sharing the recipe today.  Its SUPER easy to make and the blending of sweet, savory, cold, creamy and crunch make it a crowd pleaser.  Chase loves this SO much and polishes off the plate every time!


Watermelon, sliced
Fresh mozzarella, sliced
Balsamic reduction – I just buy mine bottled, usually the Cento brand
Fresh basil, chopped
Sea salt and fresh cracked pepper


You simply layer the watermelon and mozzarella.  Season with salt and pepper.  Drizzle with balsamic and basil.   Easy peasy!

I love to make this with steaks, grilled chicken, burgers and dogs, anything!  Its the ultimate side dish!

Suggested Substitutions/Additions:

You can sub feta or goat cheese for the mozzarella.
Feel free to add cucumber or avocado as well!

If you try this one out, be sure to tag me in your pics @jillianrosado – I’d love to see em!

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