I shared a peek at my meal planner and cleaning checklist last week and the DMs quickly started coming in… “What is that checklist?” “How do I get that?” and “Can you send that to me?”

Well today, I’m sharing My Meal Planner and Cleaning Checklist for FREE, no email address required either.

I juggle a lot. Don’t most moms?? Well, lists keep my life in check, keep me organized and stop all the things from piling up. I recently started using a Cleaning Checklist after seeing this one over on Ur Basic Mom and its helped SO much! I DO NOT want to spend my whole weekend cleaning, so dividing my various cleaning tasks into different days throughout the week has helped tremendously! PLUS, when I have this checklist hanging on the fridge, Mike will occasionally knock a few things off the list for me. He’s such a babe.

So here they are y’all, my Meal Planner and Cleaning Checklist! If you need help learning how to meal plan, check out THIS POST. Since these are free, do your gal a solid and share this post on your socials, tag me when you use them and pin this post for future reference! Just click on each image and save the PDF! I like to print them double-sided so I don’t have a 1,000 pieces of paper hanging on my fridge.

Daily Cleaning Checklist
Meal Planner Grocery List

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