We had our first snow this week and it couldn’t have been more perfect timing bc I had already planned on doing a Winter Boots post today! The funny thing is, you never really think you need a good pair of winter boots until it actually snows and you’re stuck wearing some old sneakers and they get all soaked and water logged and your feet are freezing and you say to yourself, I really need a good pair of winter boots and then you put it off and the next snow storm rolls around and you’re in the same boat all over again! Sound familiar??

Winter boots can be expensive which might make you not want to buy a pair, but when you do invest in a good pair, they’ll last you longer than you realize! Mike bought me these Sorel boots our first Christmas together, so these are five years old and honestly, they still look brand new! (The current version of these can be found HERE)

So yeah, they are worth every single penny! They’re cute – I love the fur trim! They are WARM – my feet don’t even feel the snow/freezing temps when I wear them! They’re easy to get on and off too! So it might hurt a little to add em to cart, but when you figure in the years of wear you get out of them, you’ll thank me then!

I found a bunch of pairs from Sorel below, some are on sale and even arriving before Christmas!

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