A WHOLE DANG YEAR OF BUCKET LISTS! My monthly Bucket Lists started as a way to celebrate everything after the cluster of a year known as 2020 and I don’t know about you, but I loved them! Some months I knocked every item off the list and others I did not and you know what? THAT’S TOTALLY OK! My monthly bucket lists are supposed to be fun and a source of joy so however you decided to play along, I’m so grateful you did!

Here’s a breakdown of ways to tackle this month’s bucket list:

Bake Some Cookies For Your Neighbors | Idk about you, but I always end up baking WAY too many cookies and then I either eat all the cookies and then my stomach hurts or I end up tossing a bunch of cookies. SO last year we decided to box up some cookies and treat our neighbors! I highly recommend making my Ricotta Cookies – they are the BEST!!

Donate Gifts To A Family In Need | It is the season of GIVING, so we always make a point of being generous by helping to make a family in need’s holiday a little more cheerful!

Go See Some Christmas Lights | This is something we LOVE doing with the boys – they never get too old for it! You can find local spots by simply googling them! You’d be surprised what’s out there!

Make Some Homemade Hot Chocolate | Before going to check out some Christmas Lights, fill up a mug with some hot chocolate! I’m going to share my own recipe with you right here next week!

Watch Your Favorite Holiday Movie | There are SO many to choose from! Plug in your tree, have another mug of hot chocolate and watch your favorite flick! My personal faves include: The Holiday, Polar Express, The Family Stone and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation!

Be Present! | No, that does not say Be A Present, it says, BE PRESENT! There is so much to be grateful for, so much to celebrate, so be present while doing so! Put down the phone, shut your laptop and spend some quality time with the ones you love!

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