Well, we moved. Its was quick. It was chaotic. It was all typical of moving. My hero husband wanted to enlist a bunch of the boys to help us move and forego hiring movers and in true teenager fashion, none of them showed. So thankfully we have some incredible people in our life who showed up at a moment’s notice and helped us out before Mike threw his back out again.

Now here’s the back story on our moving adventure: We were renting our last home and our landlord decided that they wanted to sell bc the market is crazy right now in NJ like it is in most places. I don’t blame them one bit, I’d totally want to do the same! Anyways, we looked at buying a place, but since the market was so crazy, we found ourselves looking at houses that were way overpriced and saying, “I guess this would work….” Now I don’t know about you, but when you’re about to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a home, “I guess this would work” just doesn’t cut it for me. So we sat down and had a conversation about where we wanted to live, the type of house we want and decided that we would continue renting til the boys graduate high school (only a few years away) and then our scope of where we could live would open up as well.

So then the hunt for a rental began. If you thought finding a house to purchase was crazy, the rental market was even slimmer. After seeing a few places, making offers and being beat out a few times, we stumbled upon a townhome a few streets away from where we were currently living. There were no interior pictures, but we said screw it, lets go see it. We met the landlord on a Saturday afternoon to view the home and when we walked in, you would have been as shocked as the landlord and we were. The lady currently living in the home was a hoarder. There was stuff EVERYWHERE, legit EVERYWHERE. There was a narrow path through the home so we could see it. It was insane. Now, I worked in the mortgage industry for 12 years and have seen some things so I gathered my thoughts and told myself to look behind the stuff. And I did and I liked what I saw. Mike on the other hand could not see behind the stuff and when we got back in our car, he was shocked to hear that I wanted to make an offer on it. At the end of the day, he trusted my vision and we made an offer that was accepted.

I was really excited to design the looks for our new home. My kids are older so I could do more of what I love rather than what was kid friendly. Don’t get me wrong, there are many layers of scotchguard on all of our furniture still, ha! Anyways, I wanted clean, modern, cozy. I wanted to keep with my neutrals as always, but I wanted a vibe of comfort and just a space you want to hang out in and be with family and friends. Lastly, I needed it to be affordable. We do not got it like that, so I couldn’t drop 10 grand on a couch like most people. So off to Wayfair and Walmart and Target I went!

Enough talking for now, I’m excited to show the final product with you! There are still some spaces that aren’t finished yet and I won’t share the boys rooms bc that’s their personal space, but be sure to head over to my Instagram for a full walkthrough. PS: Bonus points if you can spot my shadow Delaney in almost every pic!


Table + Ottoman (old Kirklands) | Mirror (old Home Goods) | other decor (old various places) | Pampas

Powder Room

Mirror (Ikea) | Rug | Floral Towel | Tassel Towel | Other Decor (various places)


Table | Chairs | Rug – need to get a bigger one (Hobby Lobby) | Wall Art (old Etsy)

Dining Room

Table | Black Chairs | Gray Chairs | Rug | Shelving Unit

Living Room

Couch | Rust Pillows | Black Pillow | Rug


Chair | Pillow (Home Goods) | Wall Art | Record Player | Floor Cushions

Master Bedroom

Duvet Set | Sheets | Shams | Lumbar Pillow | Knit Blanket | Wall Art

Lamp | Dresser (Ikea) | Mirror (Home Goods)

Rug | Chair | Clothing Rack

So there ya go, a quick peek at our new space! I am really loving it! It just feels like us and we’re really enjoying being here! You can shop my home finds below and I’d love to hear what you think!

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