Portobello Burgers

We’re doing our best to stick to the E2M meal plan this round and have been pretty dang good… minus a few treats… Anyways, I made these Portobello Burgers during our first round of E2M to feed the craving for a full-on burger and let.me.tell.you. they are GOOD! They def feed the craving and they’re … Continue Reading

Turkey Meatball Sheet Pan Dinner

Another easy weeknight dinner to add to your recipe box bc who has time for elaborate dinners after working all day? Not me, that’s for sure! This one is easy to put together and low-carb! So instead of ordering takeout, make this and be sure to tag me @jillianrosado so I can see! You can also find … Continue Reading

Shrimp Stir-Fry

Hello, hello, hello! I have not shared a recipe in a HOT minute, right? In between the chaos of moving and the fact that we’re waiting on a new oven, I haven’t been cooking as much and when I do, it’s on the stovetop mostly which doesn’t always make for the most exciting meal. Anyways, … Continue Reading

St. Patrick’s Day Treats

In case you’ve missed it, I love getting festive for all the holidays and that includes St. Patrick’s Day! When the weather cooperates, we go to my sister’s for their town’s parade and wear all the green and have all the fun! Its just a fun time with good friends and family and cannot be … Continue Reading

3 Misconceptions About Meal Planning

I recently shared a little background on the Acorn Academy (the coaching program I joined) and our project for the month HERE. I’m a little behind since we moved last week, but I’m back today sharing Three Misconceptions About Meal Planning. I’m a HUGE meal planner – I’ve shared about it numerous times here (read … Continue Reading

Easy Valentine’s Day Dessert

I’m always looking for an easy festive treat for the fam and after seeing everyone and anyone making puff pastry trees over the holidays, I figured why not make a heart one for Valentine’s Day?? My heart shape needs some work and my food photography DEF needs some work, but who cares bc this tastes … Continue Reading

E2M Pantry Staples

Finishing out January with some pantry staples that I’ve found to be really helpful when doing E2M: Pink Himalayan Sea Salt | This is my #1 E2M pantry staple! The first week or so, you may struggle with sugar detox and feel sluggish or get a headache. If you do, add some pink himalayan sea … Continue Reading

Favorite E2M Dinners

Like I shared last week, the food aspect of E2M can be hard for a lot of people, but after completing my first round, I’ve found a few meals that are my go-to dinners. One tip that I rely on big time when it comes to dinners is to MAKE EXTRA! This way, you have additional meals … Continue Reading

My Favorite E2M Lunches

The food aspect of E2M can be hard for a lot of people, but after completing my first round, I’ve found a few meals that are my go-to lunches. The goal is to make it easy – leftovers are a great option for your first meal of the day! I always cook extra proteins when … Continue Reading

Christmas Eve Menu

Christmas Eve is one of my FAVORITE holidays – family, fun and lots of FOOD!! We usually do pasta and seafood on Christmas Eve and this year, I’m going for “seven fishes” – a typical Italian tradition – however, I’m putting my own twist on it bc I honestly don’t care for much of the … Continue Reading